Christmas Concerts - PLEASE READ

Christmas Concerts - PLEASE READ

Dear Parents/Carers 

Sadly, due to current Covid restrictions, we will be unable to invite parents and carers into school for the Christmas concerts. This is always a really happy and festive time and we will really miss welcoming you all.

The children will still take part in an alternative Christmas concert in their class bubbles which will be filmed outside and the video will be posted on Tapestry and Google Classroom for parents to watch. We know that it will not be the same as in previous years but we will do all that we can to make it a fun and festive experience for the children. Due to current guidelines there will be less singing and instead the children will be showcasing the musical skills they have learnt in the autumn term using a range of percussion instruments, body percussion and movement to music.

All children will be taking part in the Christmas concerts. If you do not want your child to be visible in the video, please inform the school office immediately and we will arrange for your child to be placed out of view of the camera.

Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that the videos are solely for parents viewing and must not be shared on any social media sites. 

Thank you and best wishes, 

Mrs S Yay-Walker, Headteacher