Spring Story Writing Competition

Spring Story Writing Competition

Well done to everyone who entered our Spring Story Writing competition! We were so impressed by everyone's hard work and creative ideas.  It was such a tricky job picking the winners as they were all so brilliant! Everyone who entered will receive a certificate, the winners will be given a prize and prizes for effort have also been awarded.

Winners: Inayah (Venus), Jiyun (Venus), Edie (Mercury), Eleanor (Sapphires), Ashwin (Sapphires), Meena (Emeralds), Dhilan (Rubies) and Lilly (Diamonds)

Spring Story Competition Entries

Effort Prizes: Alexia (Venus), Abeshanaa (Venus), Anais (Mercury), Maliha (Mercury), Chelsea (Mercury), Olivia (Sapphires), Kesavi (Sapphires), Daniel (Sapphires), Rahmeen (Sapphires), April (Emeralds), Helene (Rubies), Eloise (Rubies) and Rosa (Rubies)

Congratulations and well done to you all!  We are so lucky to have superstar writers at Burlington!

Mrs MacMillan