STEM Ambassador Visit to Year 2

STEM Ambassador Visit to Year 2

All Year 2 classes were visited on Friday 31 January by one of our parents who is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador. He told the children about his job as a Cybersecurity consultant. The children then had the opportunity to work in groups to complete a ‘Cyber box’ activity. This was a practical activity which incorporated things like code breaking, lateral thinking and puzzles. 

Many thanks to Mr Simpson for coming in and working with the children today.  


The children really enjoyed it - here is some of their feedback: 

I liked trying to figure out the clues so that I could unlock the padlocks. I have never done something like that before!

I was in the green team and I liked the challenges to work out the codes. I knew the Great Fire of London was 1666.

We had to crack codes with numbers and words. Then we put them in order and put them into the padlock and it would open the box.

I got the shape code, the torch one and the money one.