Our Teaching Philosophy

At Burlington Infant and Nursery School our curriculum is creative, engaging, exciting and focuses on creating opportunities for problem solving, investigating and discussions. We have developed a growth mindset culture where we trust children and enable them to believe in themselves building a positive state of mind. Persistence, practice and acting on feedback supports the development of a growth mindset at Burlington. As an inclusive school we are keen to support every child’s learning and we work collaboratively to ensure high quality teaching and learning for all children. Nurture and building independence are at the heart of what we do.

Every classroom environment provides opportunities where children’s ideas are valued and children are trusted to challenge themselves. The climate of trust and openness within the class means that children are confident about sharing their thinking. Children’s thinking and process are celebrated rather than the outcome.

Our meaningful curriculum enables children to reveal their misconceptions and their depth of understanding. Teachers carefully plan open ended, engaging activities that empower children to collaborate effectively and challenge their thinking in meaningful contexts. Our ‘hooks’ to learning can range from a surprise parcel arriving, a message in a bottle, a mystery object, a collection of interesting objects to staff dressing up. We plan lessons which capture children’s interests in a number of different ways and use music creatively to set different atmospheres, for example, for fantasy writing.

In every lesson modelling of either reading, writing, thinking, talking, explaining, editing, questioning, problem solving, counting will take place. Teachers model the thinking and strategies needed for the children to be successful. Opportunities are planned for children to practise skills then apply to different contexts in order to master learning concepts and skills.