At Burlington Infant and Nursery School we make every effort to meet the wellbeing needs of our children and families. We aim to provide the social and emotional nurture and support that our children and families need and work with a range of professionals to do so.

Our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant is trained to support our children in understanding and regulating their emotions whilst learning to understand the emotions of those around them.

Our Drama Therapist gives focus children the opportunity and safe space to tell their stories, set goals, express feelings and over time, solve problems.

Our Family Outreach Worker supports our children, with parental consent, in peer massage. By including peer massage in our school day, we aim to bring a feeling of balance and harmony to our children. The benefits of peer massage include relaxation and a reduction in stress levels, improved concentration, learning respect for peers and increased self-esteem.

Evidence shows that there is a close association between childhood wellbeing and positive family relationships and for this reason we offer ten week, Family Links parenting courses to our families. These are run by our Inclusion Leader and Family Outreach Worker who are then available, on site, to support our families in moving forwards.

Please have a look at our Positive Parenting page where our Family Outreach Worker shares some parenting tips.

Positive Parenting


Family Groups

Every half-term, for one afternoon, we run peer nuture 'Family Groups'. During this time Reception, Year 1 and 2 classes are reconfigured to form 12 new tree-named family groups. Each of these groups is made up from 10 children from each year group. The children spend time engaged in a variety of actvities with the intention being that the younger children are supported by the older ones, and across year group bonds are formed.

Family Groups


Pupil Voice Outcomes - Autumn 2019

The Pupil Voice questionnaire is carried out every term and is intended as a simple method of collecting the views of our children throughout the school: how they feel about school and the different parts of their school day.  Please see below for the outcomes report from the latest questionnaire carried out in the Autumn Term 2019.

Pupil Voice Results - Autumn 2019