A Message from the Governors

A Message from the Governors

Hello Burlington community!

Well, we've come to the end of the most unusual and unexpected of years. The past four months have been a challenge for all. As governors, we have written (click here) to the whole staff team at Burlington to thank them for the incredible role they have played during lockdown. Their rapid shift to online learning – despite insufficient warning and a whole new technical landscape – has been done swiftly and seamlessly. Followed quickly by another shift yet again when they were required to reopen with social distancing and strict health and safety rules in place. Throughout all of this the staff of Burlington have maintained such good humour and cheerfulness in spite of it all, welcoming our children into a safe and friendly environment. We know Burlington is caring and nurturing, and we love the school for it. This lockdown has shown it more than ever before. 

As well as being governors, we are also parents within the Burlington community. We were all awkwardly parachuted into a new and (largely unwanted!) teaching career, trading crowded rush hour trains and school gate natter for Zoom calls and Joe Wicks. We know this has been an incredibly difficult time for families. And we want to thank you all too, for all that you have done to engage with the home learning for your children, whilst juggling the rest of your lives. We also want to reassure you – as governors we have reviewed risk assessments, and discussed plans for the recovery curriculum. The team at Burlington know it's going to be hard for some in September, and they are, as ever, working tirelessly to ensure the transition is done safely and effectively for all of your children. 

The team spirit that runs through the staff of Burlington also pervades into the whole community – thank you all. We are proud to be part of such a community. We hope you are able to have a restful summer, and we look forward to (hopefully) getting back to 'normal' in September.

With very best wishes, the Burlington Infant & Nursery School Governing Body