Opening Hours

Here are our school hours.  To find out more about our expectations on attendance and absences, please click on the relevant web pages below: 

Attendance web page

Absence reporting web page


Reception to Year 2

Doors Open and Registration at 8.50am

School Closes at 3.20pm

Total hours in a typical week = 32 hours and 30 minutes


Full Time Nursery - Blue class

Morning drop off at 8.30-8.45am

Afternoon pick up at 3.30pm


Morning Nursery - Green and Orange classes

Drop off at 8.30-8.45am

Pick up at 11.30am (doors open at 11.20am for 2 year olds)


Afternoon Nursery - Yellow and Purple classes

Drop off at 12.30-12.45pm

Pick up at 3.30pm (doors open at 3.20pm for 2 year olds)