British Values and School Council

British Values and School Council

School Council children are the champions for British Values. They have been testing out Democracy at Burlington Infants.

School Council Project 1: Playground Improvements!

School Council have been working with their classmates to make some big changes in our school. They voted on some of the areas that they wanted to improve in our school.  The most votes were for the reading den, and the sandpit. The School Council wrote a shopping list of things they wanted to improve the Sandpit and the Reading Den. They went on a trip to New Malden High Street to buy some of these things. They have put these things into the reading den and the sandpit. Look out for them at playtime, but please look after them.  

Project 2: New School Catering Company!

The school was looking for a new catering company to provide our lunches. The School Council was asked to help! They were asked to taste some food cooked by each company. It was so delicious and fun! After they tasted the food, they had to vote for their favourite. They chose a company called Nourish. They will be starting after the half term break. Look out for the new tasty menu! 

We learned that we can make big changes to improve our school through democracy. We voted on which areas of the school to improve, and what we wanted to do to improve it. Our ideas and opinions mattered. We helped decide which company would be our new catering company. Through democracy, we learned that our voices were important.