Democracy at Burlington Infants!

Democracy at Burlington Infants!

Eco Council, School Council and Learning Council children are elected through a democratic process!

Children are asked if they would like to be a council member and put their names forward. Children who have put their names forward are asked why they would like to be on the school/eco/learning council and they speak to the class about what they would do for the school.

The class vote for children for each council. The children with the most votes are then elected to represent the class. 2 children are put forward for each council to represent their class. So there are 6 children chosen each year.

Look out for Art Council and Digital Leaders who will also be selected to represent their class!

Also, we have been learning about Individual Liberty in assembly and about how we have the right/freedom to make our own choices, but that those choices have consequences. We have been linking this to recycling and deforestation. Check out this week's Picture News which is all about 2 students in Japan who have created a new sustainable cement made entirely out of food waste!