Easter Egg Competition 2024 Winners

Easter Egg Competition 2024 Winners

A huge well done to everyone who entered the Easter egg competition! We have loved seeing all the wonderful creations and we are so impressed with the creativity that has gone into every design.  The winners this year are: 

Orange - Hevin
Purple - Eliana
Green - 1st prize Prathesan 2nd prize Akeera
Yellow - 1st prize Ayesha 2nd prize Melita
Blue - 1st prize Donovan & Lina 2nd prize Anjeli, Alexander & Faith

Foxes - 1st prize Lulu 2nd prize Latifah 3rd prize Mina
Hedgehogs - 1st prize Erna 2nd prize Maisie 3rd prize Flo
Rabbits - 1st prize Qinyue 2nd prize Rosie 3rd prize Savannah
Squirrels - 1st prize Robin 2nd prize Salah 3rd prize Amelia

Year 1 
Diamonds - 1st prize Linea 2nd prize Xabier 3rd prize Naty
Emeralds - 1st prize Maysa 2nd prize Reuben 3rd prize Yuvan
Rubies - 1st prize Amelie 2nd prize Belle 3rd prize Ava
Sapphires - 1st prize Teddy 2nd prize Ada 3rd prize Kiriako

Year 2
Jupiter - 1st prize Ava 2nd prize Izzy 3rd prize Stella
Mercury - 1st prize Emma 2nd prize Sunwoo 3rd prize George
Saturn - 1st prize Alicia 2nd prize Leanne 3rd prize Varman
Venus - 1st prize Paulina 2nd prize Rianne 3rd prize Maisie