Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Almost Easter, where is the year going? First a quick reminder that we are already taking names for our next parenting course due to start in October 2024, dates to be arranged. We will be running it on Fridays from 9.15 - 11.15 and if necessary, we will also run an afternoon group from 12.45 - 2.45. The course we are running at the moment has 28 participants, more than we have ever had. If interested, please speak with the office staff or send an email.

Today, I thought I would talk about family rules, such a little thing with such a huge impact. Some people may feel uncomfortable with the word 'rules', you can replace this with guidelines, agreement, contract or code, whatever suits you. Family rules are for ALL of the family, not just the children. How could we possibly expect them to abide by a rule if we don't. Family rules should be a working document and when one rule is firmly embedded into the family routine, another one can be added. Family rules should be simple and achievable, example - 'do put your shoes away in the cupboard when you come into the house', everyone, including grown-ups, then has to put their shoes away. There should always be a reward and a penalty for each rule and this could be as simple as a sticker on a chart, the penalty would be no sticker.

Another rule might be 'do get out of the bath when asked', the reward could be an extra story at bedtime and the penalty could be that they won't get an extra story at bedtime.

Another rule might be (children will often suggest this one) 'no shouting', this could be written down as, 'do use your quiet voice when speaking with each other'. This could be rewarded with 5 extra minutes of screen time or the penalty could be losing 5 minutes of screen time.

Allow your children to be part of the rule making process, choose a time when everyone in the house can get together around a table and discuss the rules, have snacks and drinks to make it a special occasion. Make the rules as positive as possible by starting it with the word 'DO', this will make it clear what you really want to see.  Let your children contribute to the rules and when the rules are written, let every member of the family sign the rules to say that they have agreed, if they can't write, let them do a thumb print. To start with, only choose 2 - 3 rules otherwise it will just be too overwhelming and difficult for you all to stick to. 

And finally, our positive thought for the week:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible!

If you have a parenting concern, you can contact Mrs Easty via the school office - admin@burlingtoni.org.uk