Science Day 2023

Science Day 2023

What a busy Burlington Biscuit Bonanza Science Day we have had! After reading the book The Gingerbread Man, Nursery made their own gingerbread men and found out what happens to gingerbread men in water. Reception found out what happens when you pour water on different biscuits and discussed which biscuit needed the most water to make it soggy. These investigations were great for encouraging the children to start thinking scientifically and draw on their current knowledge to make predictions. 

Year 1 investigated which biscuit is the softest when you add water and Year 2 investigated which biscuit, filled or plain, is the best for dunking! These investigations encouraged the children to make predictions, think about fair testing, how they could record their results and write a conclusion.

Thank you to all the parents who joined us this morning to take part in science activities and a special thank you to the parents who shared their science related job and hobbies with the children.
Parent feedback - “it’s helped inspire and instill confidence for me to do fun science activities at home”.​

We loved seeing your children dressed as scientists and wearing science themed tops, and it was great to see our staff taking part too!

Please remember to return your KS1 and YR Science Day Quiz sheets to your class teacher by Friday 13th January. You can find the quizzes by clicking on the below links:

Reception Family Science Quiz 2023

Years 1 and 2 Family Science Quiz 2023