Science Day 2024

Science Day 2024

Friday 12 January marked our annual Science Day and this year's theme was bubbles! Nursery and Reception children investigated how to make different bubbles using a range of bubble wands and tools including straws, whisks, sieves and spoons. The children developed their science vocabulary and made simple predictions. Year 1 investigated the best method to make the most bubbles and compared the amount of bubbles made using different methods such as whisking, mixing with hands and using a spoon. Year 2 tested 5 bubble baths to see which one made the most bubbles. The children learnt how to make the test fair by using the same quantity of bubble mixture, and decided which method to use. The children recorded their results on a block graph. 

Thank you to all the parents who joined us today to take part in science activities including constructing the tallest tower and thank you for your lovely feedback.  A special thank you to all the parents who shared their science related jobs and hobbies.

The various activities the children can do and having parents taking part with the children makes it so much fun.  It was really creative to use everyday items for the activities.

It is an amazing initiative to engage kids in science!

We loved seeing the children dressed as scientists and wearing science themed tops, and it was great to see our staff taking part too! Thank you everyone for all your support.

We have sent home paper copies of our family science quiz. We hope you all enjoy taking part! Don't forget to hand in your completed quizzes by Friday 26th January. Copies of the quiz are also available on the links below: 

Reception Family Science Quiz

Year 1 and Year 2 Family Science Quiz