Spark Book Awards: The 12 Books of Christmas

Spark Book Awards: The 12 Books of Christmas

Last year you all helped choose the winner of the Spark Book Awards, ‘Avocado Asks’ by watching Mrs Davies read the 4 shortlisted books online and voting for your favourite during lockdown. Exciting News! The Spark Book Awards are starting again right now. From the 1st December they are announcing a shortlisted book a day. These are all great high quality books and brilliant ideas for Christmas presents. Here are the final 4 books which have been shortlisted: 

Everyone knows how a day goes. The sun rises and shines above us with his glorious smile. At the end of the day, he disappears over the horizon. But what  people don't know is what the sun gets up to after he goes home . . .

Ten very foolish teachers have missed the last bus home. But LOOK - a shortcut through the forest! They'll be back in time for tea! Off they skip, unaware that in the woods a hungry horde of mischievous and hilariously goofy monsters is waiting...

Come on a magical journey of wonder and discovery from misty seaside shorelines to cold ice capped seas. This beautiful tale of friendship between a child and a whale invites us to consider our responsibilities towards the environment and makes a direct plea to end plastic pollution.

Billy's family is not what you'd call ordinary. His mums won't listen to NORMAL music. They love to sing sea shanties and dance jigs in the lounge. Their clothes are highly unusual, they have a rude parrot for a pet, and their taste in house design is, well . . . FISHY. Billy wishes his family could be more like everyone else's. Until a swashbuckling adventure changes everything!

Click below for a summary of all 12 shortlisted books:

The 12 Books of Christmas

These books will all be available in school and will be read to the children. You can find out more at:

Spark! School Book Awards

Here you will also find a link to the Spark Justgiving page to help get books to children who might not be otherwise able to access them.