Y2 DT Day

Y2 DT Day

Year 2 had a really fun and successful DT day on Tuesday 15 October. The children learnt many new skills, including sawing and hammering which helped them to build their bug hotels. Many thanks to the parents who helped out in class and for all the resources provided. 

Here is some feedback from the parents: 

'Lovely follow on from the Wetland Centre trip and nice that the children can learn new skills. Great for parents to get involved and see what the children are learning in class.' 
'Great opportunity for the children to learn new skills and be active with it. Lovely opportunity for parents to come into school and see what the children are doing.'
'Great morning! It’s my first time coming into the class since my daughter had started Year 2. It’s nice to see what the children are doing.'

Here is some feedback from the children: 

'I’ve never actually done this before and it’s really exciting.'
'I’ve done sawing at home but not at school. It’s really fun.'
'We never saw a hammer at school but it’s really, really good fun.'
'I Like that Daddy is here and I get to saw with him.'
'I really like the sawing because I never done it before and it’s really fun.'
'I like doing the hammering with the nails at school because it’s really fun and we never get to do it at school.'