In Nursery, children engage with a wide range of music and express themselves through movement and singing. Enjoyment is key and children’s love of music is nurtured.  Children gain confidence in their voices through traditional nursery rhymes and vocalisation games. Movement to music is encouraged with many action songs and use of props such as scarves. Music is a key tool to aid communication skills; language is reinforced through well-chosen repertoire and listening skills are continually developed. Children experiment with instruments in their continuous provision and are encouraged to explore freely.

As part of 'Around the World Week', Nursery hosted a music day for parents and carers to join in with their children.  It was fantastic to see so many parents making musical instruments out of recycled materials, such as bottles, lids and straws.  Our Music teacher also taught everyone a 'hello' song from Zimbabwe with a very catchy tune.



In Reception, children explore a range of movement and action songs developing confidence in their voices. Children learn to recognise patterns in songs and play instruments along to familiar tunes. Percussion instruments are used in games to explore musical elements such as dynamics and tempo. Exploration is encouraged and children create their own rhythms as well as playing together. Music stations are in each Reception classroom for children to engage freely with instruments and musical rhymes.


Year 1

In Year 1, children learn a range of songs linked to their class topics. This allows children to embed new language and make links across their learning. Children continue to learn about the elements of music through exploring changes in tempo, dynamics and rhythm. Children learn about different instrument families and are exposed to music from a range of different genres. Composition skills are introduced through ‘musical storytelling’ as children play percussion instruments to accompany short stories or pictures.

Our children access instrument lessons via the Kingston Music Service.  We recently had this boy perform his Grade 1 Piano piece of music in assembly - a lovely way to encourage and celebrate individual talents.


Year 2

In Year 2, children continue to develop their vocal skills through topic-linked songs. Children develop ensemble-playing skills through learning melodies on chime bars in pairs. They are introduced to musical notation on the stave and play along using the musical programme Charanga. Children gain an understanding of basic note values and rests and how to follow music.



Year 2 Choir enjoy learning many songs ranging from Mary Poppins songs to traditional tunes. The children love performing and sing at many events throughout the year. From delighting audiences at the Christmas Fair and at a local nursing home, to performing with other schools at the Kingston Infant Music Festival and Malden and Coombe Cluster Concert, our Choir love singing and spreading the joy of music.


Year 1 and 2 Singing Assemblies

Year 1 and 2 children gather each week to learn songs together. This is a special opportunity to hear hundreds of voices gathered in song! Songs often link to important messages such as ‘Be Safe’, which taught us about E-Safety or ‘You can do it’, which focused on the learning characteristic of perseverance.


Parental involvement

Singing traditional songs is always a lovely way to engage musically with your child. This website offers a range of nursery rhymes to sing along with:

BBC Nursery songs and rhymes

Creating songs for everyday routines is also a fun way to encourage children to use their voices and liven up the day!

At Burlington, we love to celebrate everyone’s musical culture. If you have a song from your family’s culture that you would like to share, please feel free to send an email with a youtube link to the office titled ‘Burlington Music Playlist’ and include any messages about the song. We will then share these pieces in singing assemblies and music sessions. 

The following video 'The Best Sounds Around' helps children identify instruments and how they sound. A fun game to play at home with your children!

The Best Sounds Around