School Council


Our school council is made up of two children from each class in Year 1 and Year 2. We hold regular meetings to find out what our children think about our school and how they would like to make improvements. The members of the council ask the children in their class for their thoughts and ideas.


Spring 2020

The School Council have been gathering the views of all the children in their classes to see which clubs they enjoy and which ones they would like to see at Burlington. They have now voted for new clubs for the spring and summer terms. Look out for the following clubs which the children have requested:

- Hockey

- Art and craft club for Y1

- ‘Thinking club’ - Philosophy and mindfulness for children

- Basketball 

- Lego and writing

- Computing / coding


Autumn 2019

After a tough round of elections in September 2019, we welcomed in our new school councillors. Every class in Years 1 and 2 voted for two children to represent their class. School council have held regular meetings to find out what children think about our school. So far, we have been working on the School Vision, finding out what we like and dislike about our school, school lunches and after school clubs. We have gathered children’s views to find out if there are any other clubs we want to have in our school. We take children’s views very seriously. We use the feedback to adjust and plan for our school lunch menus and we will be voting on the new clubs that children have requested.

In the autumn term, the school council met with our caterers Radish to give them feedback on the meals we like and don’t like. Our summer term menu will be based on that feedback.