Welcome to the Reception webpage. We will use this page to keep you informed about events and learning in Reception!

  • Burlington Poetry Parade - May

    date posted: 07/05/22

    Every month every child in the school learns the same poem and recite it in class and in Assemblies, to build up a repertoire of poems they know by heart!

    This month our poem is 'Oh Dear!' by Michael Rosen. It would be fun to see videos of your child reciting it at home on Tapestry!




    date posted: 25/04/22

    The Kingston and Richmond SPARK Book awards celebrate and promote children's literature. Children in our school have been reading the shortlisted books and talking about which are their favourites in class. Now it's your chance to join in at home! Now it's your chance to join in at home! Please watch the videos of Mrs Davies reading the four shortlisted books and then vote for which is your favourite on the voting form below.  Please vote by Monday 16th May.

    Pirate Mums video reading

    A Mouse Called Julian video reading

    Tilda Tries Again video reading

    The Tale of the Whale video reading

    Voting Form - which is your favourite?

  • March Update for Reception

    date posted: 01/04/22

    Spring 2 ‘Come Outside’

    We started Spring 2 with Book Week which was lots of fun! We loved reading ‘Albert Talbot: Master of Disguise’ and we a really enjoyed wearing our pyjamas at school during the bedtime story as well as dressing up as our favourite book characters at the end of the week!

    Our topic this half term was ‘Come Outside’ and we have been exploring various themes including Spring and growth. The classes have all been learning about how to grow plants and look after them as well as different lifecycles. Everyone had the opportunity to grow their own cress (some worked better than others!) We are also having a year group competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. The children have been very keen to water the sunflowers regularly and watch their growth.

    Our favourite book this half term was ‘Yucky Worms’ were we learnt lots of facts about worms and now have lots of budding worm experts in the year group. Luckily we were able to spot lots of worm casts when we went to Beverley Park.

    We were extremely fortunate to be able to visit Beverley Park this year as we haven’t been able to go for a few years due to Covid! We went with the objective to find as many signs of Spring as possible and the children were all very excited by what they found. To name but a few, we saw…tulips, daffodils, primrose, blossom, catkins, crocuses, worm casts, birds’ nests and butterflies! Once class was even lucky enough to spot a ladybird! The last part of our Beverley Park adventure took us to the playground where the classes had the best time playing with friends on the equipment in the Spring sunshine ☺

    This half term we have also been learning about Easter. We have been talking about the Easter story and celebrating in various ways including an assembly with Mr Bramwell a local Pastor and an Easter egg competition.

    To celebrate the last week of the Spring term, we have loved performing our Rhyme Time songs to our parents. We hope you enjoyed our singing!

    Happy Easter everyone!

  • Nursery and Reception Rhyme Time

    date posted: 20/03/22

    Nursery and Reception parents are invited to listen to the children sing a selection of songs they have been learning in class. Please see below for dates and times: 

    Friday 25th March
    9.00am - Blue Nursery 
    11.00am - Green and Orange Nursery
    3.00pm - Yellow and Purple Nursery 

    Tuesday 29th March
    2.50pm - Squirrels 

    Wednesday 30th March
    2.50pm - Rabbits and Foxes 

    Thursday 31st March 
    2.50pm - Hedgehogs 

  • February Update for Reception

    date posted: 23/02/22

    Spring 1 ‘Amazing Animals’

    During this topic we explored different types of amazing animals. We started by focussing on Hibernation and Polar animals. The children loved reading ‘The Emperor’s Egg’ and we learnt some amazing facts about penguins!

    In the first Spring half term, we all enjoyed Science Day. We still can’t believe we found a giant dinosaur egg in the Rainbow Garden! That our task was to try and send some frozen blood to the science laboratory so the scientists can work out what type of dinosaur was in the egg. We had to think of different ways to keep the blood frozen. The children participated in fun science experiments in the classroom.

    As we continued to learn about different types of animals in our topic, we then looked at under the sea animals. The classes looked at the book ‘Surprising Sharks’ and we also started to talk about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. 

    This half term was a chance to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We were extremely fortunate to have Earth Song join us and host a CNY workshop with each class. The children loved playing Chinese musical instruments and dancing as lions and dragons with the Earth Song team.

    In our final week of our ‘Amazing Animal’ topic, we explored the idea of animals as pets. Mrs Davison was very kind and brought her dog Cooper to school for each class to meet. The children were all very sensible when meeting Cooper, and it was a lovely way to finish our half term.

  • December Update for Reception

    date posted: 23/01/22

    Autumn 1 ‘Marvellous me’

    The children all settled into their new classes fantastically. We spend a lot time getting to know the children through our topic ‘Marvellous Me.’ The children loved creating their self-portraits and talking about their Marvellous Me bags. It was a lovely half-term topic where we found of lots of information about each other.

    Autumn 2 ‘Heroes’

    During this topic we explored both a fantasy theme and a real-life theme. We looked at fantasy heroes and real life heroes such as doctors and firemen.  During this half-term the children also loved celebrating Diwali, and were very lucky to have a musical workshop with Earth Song. We also looked at Remembrance day, and each class made lots of poppy artwork. December was the build up to Christmas! Each class looked at the Christmas story and they were amazing performing The Nativity in front of all of the parents. We all made our own individual Christmas Cakes and enjoyed learning how to sew. To mark the end of an amazing first term in Reception, we celebrated with a Christmas party!

  • Reading and Phonics Workshop presentation

    date posted: 13/12/21

    Thank you to everyone who attended the new reading and phonics scheme workshop on Monday 6 December. If you were unable to attend, please click below to see a copy of the presentation. 

    New Reading and Phonics Scheme: Parents Workshop Slides

    Essential Information on Changes to Phonics and Reading Books - letter to all parents

    Video of Parent Workshop on Phonics and Early Reading Scheme

    Little Wandle Resources for Parents

  • Maths Workshop for Nursery and Reception Parents

    date posted: 26/11/21

    On Thursday 25 November, we held a Maths workshop for Nursery and Reception parents.  Please see below for a copy of the presentation that was shared.

    Maths Workshop for Nursery and Reception - Nov 2021

    Thank you. 

  • Attendance and Punctuality Reminder for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

    date posted: 24/10/21

    Please find below a copy of the email sent to all parents in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 reminding them of our expectations and guidelines concerning Attendance and Punctuality.

    Attendance and Punctuality Email to all Parents in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

  • New Phonics and Early Reading Scheme: PLEASE READ

    date posted: 11/10/21

    Essential Information - New Phonics and Early Reading Scheme

    We will very soon be starting an exciting new scheme and need your help. Please read attached letter and watch the video presentation below. Also attached are the slides to go with the presentation. 

    Essential Information on Changes to Phonics and Reading Books - letter to all parents

    Parent Workshop presentation on Phonics and Early Reading

    Video of presentation by Reading Coordinator

  • What to Expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage

    date posted: 25/09/21

    Parents and carers of children aged 0-5 years - click below for a really useful guide about what to expect in the first 5 years of your child's learning and development. 

    What to Expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage - a guide for Parents

    Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) covers Nursery and Reception.

  • Cool Milk

    date posted: 03/09/21

    Reception Parents - your child will receive free milk to have at school each day until they turn 5 years of age.

    After your child's 5th birthday, you will need to register them with Cool Milk if you would like them to continue having milk at school. Payments can be made via the Cool Milk website. 

    Register with Cool Milk