Year Two

Welcome to the Year 2 webpage. We will use this page to keep you informed about events and learning in Year 2!

  • Easter Holiday Activities for KS1

    date posted: 03/04/20

    Below are some fun holiday activities for the Easter break.  Try some out if you can, have fun and stay safe.

    Easter Holiday Activities for KS1

    We're all wishing you a very happy Easter!

  • Active Learn Login for Reading and Comprehension

    date posted: 02/04/20

    Please find attached information about how to log in to Active Learn. We will be using this to allocate reading books for your child. 

    Active Learn Instructions for KS1 Parents

  • Computer Home Learning

    date posted: 31/03/20

    Please find below the computing home learning for Year 1 & Year 2 children.

    Computer Home Learning

  • Year 2 Home Learning Week 2

    date posted: 28/03/20

    Please find below links to NEW home learning documents:

    Year 2 Home Learning Week 2





    Art & DT

  • Letter Join - A Resource for Practising Handwriting

    date posted: 26/03/20

    We have organised for all parents to have access to Letter-Join. This is a website we use at school for teaching handwriting. It is for all year groups including nursery. 

    Please find full instructions of how to use the website here:

    Letter-Join Instructions 

    The teachers are in the process of loading tasks for the children to complete but in the meantime you can use the free play section. 

  • Home Learning for Year 2

    date posted: 19/03/20

    As the school will be closed until further notice, we have put together an information pack for home learning below:

    Home Learning for Year 2

    Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) Home Learning Ideas and Websites

    You may also like to check out the following website:

    Draw with Rob

  • Reading Comprehension Workshop - Friday 13 March

    date posted: 13/03/20

    Thank you to everyone who attended the reading comprehension workshop on Friday 13 March. We hope you found it useful. Please find below links to the presentation and handouts. 

    Reading Comprehension Presentation

    Early Years Simple Bookmark

    Early Years Bookmark with Questions

    Year 1 Bookmark with Questions

    Year 2 Bookmark with Questions

  • March 2020

    date posted: 10/03/20

    Our first week back was very exciting because it was our annual Book Week!  All Year 2 classes read the book, ‘A Mouse called Julian’ and enjoyed taking part in bedtime story, buddy reading with Year 5 children, reading morning with parents and dressing up!

  • February 2020

    date posted: 14/02/20

    On Science Day at the beginning of the half term the children took part in many activities.  They loved having their parents in school in the morning.  Later on in the day the children took part in an experiment to find out if larger hands can pick up the most pasta and which method was best.  They also planted bulbs and are continuing to water them and watch them grow!

    Miss Holmes organised a whole school Internet Safety Day.  The children took part in an assembly and also learnt a song about how to keep safe on the internet.

    Our History topic for the half term was Florence Nightingale.  The children learnt that she went to the Crimean War and she worked at night with her lamp and became knows to the soldiers as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’.   They learnt about another nurse who went to help the soldiers called Mary Seacole.  The children then had to decide which nurse deserved the medal that we designed and made using clay.  

    In English the children used the story ‘Flat Stanley’ and wrote a character description describing his appearance and personality.  The following week the children wrote a character description about their favourite book character.

    In Maths the children continued to learn about multiplication.  They also enjoyed learning about fractions and 2D and 3D shapes.

    Jupiter Class shared their learning with their parents at the end of the half term during their class assembly.  They spoke very loudly and clearly, and acted so well.  Everyone was very proud of them.

  • STEM Ambassador Visit to Year 2

    date posted: 04/02/20

    All Year 2 classes were visited on Friday 31 January by one of our parents who is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador. He told the children about his job as a Cybersecurity consultant. The children then had the opportunity to work in groups to complete a ‘Cyber box’ activity. This was a practical activity which incorporated things like code breaking, lateral thinking and puzzles. 

    Many thanks to Mr Simpson for coming in and working with the children today.  


    The children really enjoyed it - here is some of their feedback: 

    I liked trying to figure out the clues so that I could unlock the padlocks. I have never done something like that before!

    I was in the green team and I liked the challenges to work out the codes. I knew the Great Fire of London was 1666.

    We had to crack codes with numbers and words. Then we put them in order and put them into the padlock and it would open the box.

    I got the shape code, the torch one and the money one.

  • Year 2 Choir & Ballet Performance

    date posted: 04/02/20

    On Monday 27 January, 35 members of the Year 2 Choir and Ballet group performed at the Rose Theatre with other local schools including: Burlington Juniors, Green Lane, Malden Manor and Coombe Boys. The choir was brilliantly led by Mrs Williamson, our Music Teacher. They sung ‘Hands Feet Heart’ by Joanna Mangona exuding confidence on a large stage and to a packed audience. Mrs Saunders has been working really hard this half term with the ballet group and the girls performed their routine beautifully to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Mrs Saunders is so proud of them! 
    For the finale, every school went on stage to sing ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver Twist. It was a fantastic afternoon showcasing some really talented children.  Well done to all involved.


  • Year 2 English Workshop - 21 January

    date posted: 21/01/20

    Here is a copy of the presentation shared at the English Workshop for Year 2 parents on Tuesday 21 January:

    Year 2 English Workshop

    Overall the workshop was well received.  Some of the feedback received said "it was very helpful to learn more reading techniques" and that the workshop was "very useful".  We also asked parents for feedback on what information they would like included at our next session: 'End of KS1 Assessments Information Session'.  We will use this feedback in our planning for this upcoming session.  Thank you to everyone who attended.

  • December 2019

    date posted: 18/12/19

    We’ve had an amazing half term and we are so proud of all the children’s hard work. Our topic, ‘The Great Fire of London’, has been a burning success! We really enjoyed recreating the bucket chain and watching the Tudor houses burn down.

    We were very lucky to invite a workshop into school where we could learn even more about The Great Fire of London. Did you know that people buried their cheese in their gardens to stop it being destroyed by the fire? We used all our knowledge to plan a new London that would be fit for King Charles II, these laws included: wider roads, no jetties, no wooden houses and a monument to remember the fateful day.

    Each class wrote a poem and created artwork as a way to commemorate Remembrance Day. These were shared during a whole school assembly and a two-minute silence took place for a moment of reflection. 

    We were fortunate enough to be invited to New Malden Baptist Church where we learnt about why Christians celebrate Christmas. On our trip we were taken on a journey that outlined the Christmas Story.

    The Year 2 Team would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support, especially on special days such as MUFTI days, sponsored spell, FUDGE day, the Church visit, the Christmas Show, and party day.

    Have a lovely holiday and New Year we look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

  • Year 2 Football Festival

    date posted: 10/12/19

    On Tuesday 3 December, 7 children from Year 2 took part in a football festival at Chessington School. The children played against 5 different schools and all tried really hard, despite the cold weather! All the children really enjoyed themselves and were great representatives for Burlington. Thank you to any parents and carers who came to support and well done to all the boys!

  • Saturn Class Assembly

    date posted: 02/12/19

    Thank you to all Saturn parents and carers who attended the class assembly on Friday 29 November. The children gave a brilliant performance, we are so proud of them.

    Here is some of the feedback we received: 

    "It is always lovely to see the whole class together and enjoying themselves, and having the opportunity to see their work."

    "It was great that all the children got lines.  Nice to know all the activities they have been doing in class - lots of new things learnt.  Really enjoyed it."

    "I loved all their lovely costumes.  They all understood the topic really well and said their lines clearly.  A fab assembly!  Well done Saturn!"

    "The children did very well in their performance in assembly  and I really liked reading my child's 'Diary of the Great Fire of London' back in class."

  • October 2019

    date posted: 05/11/19

    We had a fantastic trip to a local allotment and found out how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.  We were really amazed at the height of the sweetcorn!

    We also visited the Wetland Centre to discover the invertebrates that live in land micro habitats. 

    Following this trip, we designed and built bug hotels on our DT Day and made bird pud to hang in the orchard and in the Rainbow Garden.

    We ended this half term with Poetry Week and enjoyed our poetry workshop and reading and reciting different poems.  We are all feeling very proud of our ‘Animal Voices’ poems which we wrote this week in class.

    In maths we have been recapping how many tens and how many ones are in a number.  We have used this to help us with our addition and subtraction – we had fun practising empty number lines outside using skipping ropes and chalk!

    Thank you again for all your support at home.  It was great to speak to so many of you at Parents Consultations about how your child has settled into Year 2.  Also thank you for your generous donations on ‘Wear It Pink’ day and items for the Kingston Foodbank which were collected for our Harvest Assembly. 

    Our topic next half term is The Great Fire of London.  Please see the Y2 Newsletter to find out what your child will be learning and also to take a note of the important dates. 

    Year 2 Autumn 2 Term Newsletter

    We hope you all have a lovely half term holiday.  


  • Y2 DT Day

    date posted: 16/10/19

    Year 2 had a really fun and successful DT day on Tuesday 15 October. The children learnt many new skills, including sawing and hammering which helped them to build their bug hotels. Many thanks to the parents who helped out in class and for all the resources provided. 

    Here is some feedback from the parents: 

    'Lovely follow on from the Wetland Centre trip and nice that the children can learn new skills. Great for parents to get involved and see what the children are learning in class.' 
    'Great opportunity for the children to learn new skills and be active with it. Lovely opportunity for parents to come into school and see what the children are doing.'
    'Great morning! It’s my first time coming into the class since my daughter had started Year 2. It’s nice to see what the children are doing.'

    Here is some feedback from the children: 

    'I’ve never actually done this before and it’s really exciting.'
    'I’ve done sawing at home but not at school. It’s really fun.'
    'We never saw a hammer at school but it’s really, really good fun.'
    'I Like that Daddy is here and I get to saw with him.'
    'I really like the sawing because I never done it before and it’s really fun.'
    'I like doing the hammering with the nails at school because it’s really fun and we never get to do it at school.'


  • Year 2 Football Festival

    date posted: 01/10/19

    On Tuesday 1 October, 7 children from Year 2 represented the school and took part in the first football festival of the year at Goals in New Malden, luckily avoiding the rain! The team played fantastically, taking part in four games and winning all of them. They started strong against Maple Infants with a final score of 6 nil, then played Green Lane winning 3 nil, continuing their winning streak they played Our Lady Immaculate with a final score of 6 nil and finally played against Lovelace winning 4 nil. Congratulations to Olisa, Rachel, Emma, Aanandh, Eden, Leo and Oscar for a fantastic result so early on in the year!

  • First few weeks in Year 2

    date posted: 01/10/19

    Welcome to Year 2! It was great to see so many of you at our Welcome Meeting.

    The children are settling well and are quickly learning their new routines. Many thanks for your support at home with your child's learning, especially with their spellings, reading, science and maths homework. The children are enjoying reading with you at our weekly reading mornings.​

    It has been a busy start to the first term! We have enjoyed the book 'The Rainbow Fish' and we are re-writing the story by changing the characters and the setting. In maths we have been developing our place value and number bonds knowledge.

    We are looking forward to our exciting trips to a local allotment and to The Wetland Centre. DT Day will be on Tuesday 15th October - please let your class teacher know if you are available to help on this day. This is a great day for the children and they love using the hammers and saws!

  • Welcome to Year 2

    date posted: 17/09/19

    Welcome to all children starting Year 2 this September.  Below is a presentation for parents that helps explain what to expect in Year 2.  We've also included some useful handouts.

    Welcome to Year 2 Presentation

    Common Exception Words Handout

    Reading Questions Handout