Year Two

Welcome to the Year 2 webpage. We will use this page to keep you informed about events and learning in Year 2!

  • Year 2 SATS parents information session

    date posted: 26/02/23

    Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the Year 2 SATS information session for parents this morning.  For those of you who missed it, please find below the presentation:

    Year 2 SATS information session presentation

    This letter is being sent home today also:

    Year 2 SATS letter to parents

  • Year 1 and Year 2 Optional Science Homework

    date posted: 26/02/23

    Here is the optional Science homework for this half term. When you have completed it, please post your work on Tapestry so that we can share your work with your class. Click on the links below to access the tasks. 
    Have fun!  
    Mrs MacMillan

    Year 1 Optional Science Homework

    Year 2 Optional Science Homework

  • Year 2 Spring 2 Term Newsletter

    date posted: 23/02/23

    Dear Year 2 Parents 

    Please find attached the Year 2 newsletter for the first half of the Spring term.

    Year 2 Spring 2 Term Newsletter

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Year 2 Team

  • February Update for Year 2

    date posted: 07/02/23

    It has been another busy, fun filled time in Year 2!

    We all love reading and we have really enjoyed the book Flat Stanley!  We wrote a character description about him and then we all brought in our favourite book characters and wrote a character description about them.

    In Maths we continued to learn about multiplication and division.  We also enjoyed learning about fractions of a shape and of a number,  and all about 2D and 3D shapes.

    In Science we have been finding out about and describing the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air) and describing the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.  We took part in a bread/germ experiment and egg/teeth experiment.  These helped us to learn about the importance of washing our hands and looking after our teeth.

    During our History lessons we have been learning about a nurse called Florence Nightingale, the Lady with the Lamp. Florence Nightingale lived in the Victorian era when the Queen was Queen Victoria. In our first lesson we looked at Victorian objects and compared them to modern day objects. Some of the objects were the chamber pot, iron, washboard, carbolic soap and kettle.  In 1853, when the Crimean War broke out, Sir Sidney Herbert asked Florence Nightingale to lead a team of 38 nurses in Scutari to care for the soldiers who were injured.  We found out that Florence wanted to go but she had to persuade her mum and dad first.  As part of our DT learning we made beds and used the blanket stitch to make covers for hospital beds for the soldiers.  We also learnt about another famous nurse, Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole also worked as a nurse during the Crimean War.  She nursed sick soldiers so kindly that they called her 'Mother Seacole'.  Using our science knowledge and what the nurses had taught us, we completed our learning this half term by opening our own teddy bear hospital!

    Our Art has been linked to Computing this half term.  We have learnt about Georges Seurat who is famous for Pointillism which is a type of painting that makes a picture using lots of colourful dots. We have learnt about Piet Mondrian who became famous for creating art on a white background with straight lines and blocks of primary colours (blue, red and yellow).   We have also learnt about Pablo Picasso who is famous for using a style of art called Cubism, which uses lots of shapes to create pictures and we have learnt about Claude Monet who is famous for his style of art called Impressionism.   

    Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Williamson taught us about Internet Safety Day. In Music we learnt the song, ‘Be Safe‘. At our school we have a Staying Safe Online agreement.  It is in all of our classrooms. We must ask if we are allowed to go on the internet, we must keep our personal details safe, we must be kind and if we see anything that makes us have the ‘uh oh’ feeling, we must tell an adult.

    We have had lots of special events this half term.  This years Science Day was renamed ‘Burlingtons Biscuit Bonanza’.  Year 2 took part in an investigation to find out if filled biscuits or plain biscuits are best for dunking. We found out that plain biscuits are best! Thank you to the parents who were able to join us at the start of Science Day to take part in an engineering challenge - could we build a newspaper bridge?  We were amazed by the incredible bridges that were built! 


    We took part in an Oral Health Assembly which supported our Science learning and we also took part in a workshop with Earthsong to learn about Chinese New Year.  The Y2 choir were very excited to perform at The Rose Theatre in Kingston.

    We are excited about next half term which begins with our annual Book Week!  Thank you for all your support. We hope you all have a lovely week off!

  • Reading & Writing Parent Workshop - presentation

    date posted: 31/01/23

    A big thank you to everyone who attended the reading and writing workshop this week. We hope you found it useful.
    If you were unable to attend, please click below to see a copy of the presentation. 

    Reading and Writing parent workshop presentation Jan 2023

  • Year 2 Newsletter Spring Term 1

    date posted: 09/01/23

    Dear Year 2 Parents 

    Please find attached the Year 2 newsletter for the first half of the Spring term.

    Year 2 Spring 1 Term Newsletter

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Year 2 Team

  • Maths Parent Workshop

    date posted: 10/12/22

    Thank you to everyone who attended the maths workshop on Friday 9 December. We hope you found it useful. If you were unable to attend, please click below to see a copy of the presentation.

    Maths workshop for parents - December 2022

  • December Update for Year 2

    date posted: 09/12/22

    This half term we have been learning about The Great Fire of London.  We have been learning to write in the past tense and improve our sentences by using adjectives and a range of conjunctions.  We kept a diary about the main events, just like Samuel Pepys did in 1666!  We learnt about where and how the fire started by taking on the role of Thomas Farriner.  The children followed instructions, measured ingredients and worked hard to knead bread.  They then realised how tired and hot he must have felt after working in his bakery.   We learnt about the different methods used to try to stop the fire and even recreated the bucket chain and also watched the effect of using a fire hook to pull down houses to create a fire break.  When The Great Fire of London ended, we became architects and designed a new London and wrote rules to prevent another fire happening e.g. houses not being built close together or not to be made of wood.  The children also took part in a fantastic workshop to support their learning.

    In maths we used our scale reading skills to measure the ingredients we needed to make our bread and we have also been learning about money.  We can make the same amount in at least three different ways and add different amounts of money and calculate change.  We ended the half term by learning about multiplication and how it links to repeated addition.

    In science we have been learning about materials and their properties.  We explored objects to investigate if they could change shape by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching, depending on the material they are made from.  We had fun debating whether it would be a good idea or a bad idea for all objects to be transparent and investigated which material would be the best for Santa’s elves parachutes!  We also learnt, by creating a cross section of a McAdam road, about John McAdam, a famous scientist who improved the materials that roads are made from. 

    In art we have been learning about the artist Dennis Creffield who used charcoal to create his work.   The children investigated how to use charcoal and completed an observational drawing of a tudor house using charcoal.

    We have been continuing our learning about online safety.  The children learnt what ‘digital footprint’ means and how to use keywords to search efficiently for information online.  They also learnt how to recognise whether a website is appropriate for children and then rated different websites by explaining what they liked and disliked. They learnt about how to identify kind and unkind behaviour online and what to do if they think someone is being unkind online.

    PE is always a popular lesson and this half term we have been focussing on dance and ball skills.   We have been learning to send and retrieve a ball in different ways, which has developed our throwing and catching skills. In dance the children have had fun creating dance phrases to different feelings using music as stimuli.

    We completed the half term by learning the blanket sewing stitch to create our own Christmas decoration.  We are very proud of them!

    Thank you as always for your continued support. We have appreciated all your donations on Mufti Days, Children in Need Day and at our School Fair. The children enjoyed performing for you at their Christmas Concert.

    We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday, and wish you all the best for 2023! 

  • Year 2 Newsletter Autumn Term 2

    date posted: 31/10/22
    Dear Year 2 Parents 

    Please find attached the Year 2 newsletter for the second half of the autumn term. 

    Year 2 Autumn 2 Term Newsletter

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Year 2 Team

  • October update for Year 2

    date posted: 27/10/22

    What a busy and fun half term it has been!  

    In maths the children have been working hard to consolidate their place value knowledge.  They have used this knowledge to add and subtract, and have been showing their thinking in different ways!

    We have had the opportunity to write for a range of purposes this half term. After reading the story The Rainbow Fish, we wrote our own story about a Rainbow Parrot, we wrote instructions for Bird Pudding for Mrs Docwra who has many birds arriving in her garden and we wrote a poem called Animal Voices! Our sentence construction is improving and our handwriting is getting neater! 

    Following our trip to the Wetland Centre we designed our own Bug Hotels using materials that would attract minibeasts.  We had a fun morning of sawing, drilling and hammering and worked together to create our Bug Hotels.  We evaluated our work and many children thought that to make them even better we should have plants therefore we will plant bulbs around our Bug Hotels to attract bees and butterflies! 

    In art we have been developing our skill of colour mixing.  We have mixed primary colours to make secondary colours and used this to create habitat silhouette paintings.  We also explored how colour changes when adding white and black and used this to help us create pictures in the style of Alma Thomas.

    We have been learning about using the internet safely and we know what to do if we see something that we don't like. We used our ‘Staying Safe Online’ agreement to help us. We have been practising logging on and off the computer and using j2e to make a presentation.

    Mrs Williamson, our fantastic music teacher has helped each class to create a composition about sounds that we hear in the home, after they had listened to ‘’No place like it’ by Kerry Andrews.  The children had to think about the steady beat throughout the composition and used texture (layering of sounds) in their class composition.

    This half term we were so lucky to be part of a Black History Month Workshop and learn about Dwayne Fields - an explorer, Rosalie Jones - a long serving fire fighter, Margaret Aderin -Pocock - a space scientist and Malorie Blackman - a writer.  We also took part in Multicultural Day and an Earth Song Workshop to learn about Diwali.

    Thank you to all the parents for their continued support.  We hope everyone has a relaxing holiday!

  • Tech Time Challenges

    date posted: 27/10/22

    The teachers are really enjoying teaching Computing at school and we know the children love taking part in Computing at home too!  Some classes have learnt about Paint and some classes have learnt about Presentations. If you are taking part in Computing at home, please submit an observation on Tapestry titled “Computing Home Learning”. This half term’s optional challenges are:

    Nursery & Reception: Do any of your toys make a sound or move when you press a button?  Are any of them remote-controlled?  Your child could take a photo/video of their technological toy and explain or demonstrate how it works!

    Nursery and Reception Tech Time Challenge

    Year 1: Paint a picture of your favourite animal using different colours and brushes. You could use shape and fill and undo if you make a mistake.

    Year 1 Tech Time Challenge

    Year 2: Create a Presentation about Habitats or a topic of your own choice. Use images and text, which could be found online, and then present it.

    Year 2 Tech Time Challenge

    You will find further details on the images posted on our website and on the 'Computing Home Learning' Tapestry post dated 21.10.22​

  • LGfL and Busy Things Support for Parents

    date posted: 27/10/22

    All of the KS1 children will have had their Reading Records sent home at the start of this term and in the back of these you will find your child's personal LGfL log in information including their Username and Password. The children use these Usernames and Passwords within every Computing lesson at school, to log on to the computers and to access different resources. I wanted to let you know that you can also access various resources from home to support your child in many areas of their learning using their log in information. We really encourage the children to practise logging in independently so that they become familiar with the letters and numbers on the keyboard.

    LGFL Family Support information

    A firm favourite amongst the children is BusyThings which is full of educational games to support learning in Phonics, Maths and so much more!  

    Attached you will find further instructions to help you access this. Please do let your class teacher know if you would like any further support with what is available to you.

    Busy Things help sheet

    As always, do remember to stay safe online! :) Happy Computing! Miss Holmes​

  • Attendance and Punctuality **IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ**

    date posted: 04/10/22

    Please read carefully the attached document with regards to Attendance & Punctuality at Nursery.

    Introductory letter for Reception to Year 2

    Introductory letter for Nursery

  • Welcome to Year 2 parent meeting - presentation

    date posted: 09/09/22

    Thank you to those of you who were able to make the 'Welcome to Year 2' presentation for parents of children starting Year 2 this September.  We hope you found it helpful to hear what learning is like in Year 2 and how you can support your child at home.  If you missed it, please find below a copy of the presentation shared: 

    Welcome to Year 2 presentation