Welcome to the Nursery webpage. We will use this page to keep you informed about events and learning in Nursery!

  • Nursery Home Learning w/c 18 May

    date posted: 15/05/20

    Please find attached home learning for Nursery children for this coming week, w/c 18 May (Summer term week 5).

    Nursery Home Learning w/c 18 May

  • Nursery Home Learning w/c 11 May

    date posted: 08/05/20

    Please find attached home learning for Nursery children for this coming week, w/c 11 May (Summer term week 4).

    Nursery Home Learning w/c 11 May

  • Nursery Home Learning w/c 4 May

    date posted: 01/05/20

    Please find attached home learning for Nursery children for this coming week, w/c 4 May (Summer term week 3).

    Nursery Home Learning w/c 4 May

  • Nursery Home Learning w/c 27 April

    date posted: 24/04/20

    Please find attached home learning for Nursery children for this coming week, w/c 27 April (Summer term week 2).

    Nursery Home Learning w/c 27 April

    Magic Beans

  • Don Rae's Online Mini-Series

    date posted: 21/04/20

    Some of you will know Don Rae from our 'Wake Up Shake Up' sessions during Around the World Week - he's also popular at local birthday parties!  During the schools closure, Don Rae is streaming a fun home-made mini TV show for young children up to age 5 years.  Tune in to BEANIEBOPS: RISE AND SHINE, an online series created by Don Rae himself, streaming every Tuesday morning at 8am on his YouTube channel.

    BeanieBops: Rise and Shine YouTube link

    This week's theme is TEDDY BEARS so grab your Teddy snd join in the dances and games!

    Please help spread the word and subscribe for free to his YouTube channel: Don Rae Academy.

  • Nursery Home Learning w/c 20 April

    date posted: 20/04/20

    Please find attached home learning for Nursery children for this week, w/c 20 April (Summer term week 1).

    Nursery Home Learning w/c 20 April

    Medium Term Planning - Summer 1 Term: Growing

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    Number Formation 1-10



  • Nursery Home Learning - Easter Holidays

    date posted: 04/04/20

    Please find attached some home learning ideas for the Easter holidays. These are fun and creative activities the children might like to enjoy. 

  • Active Learn Login for Reading and Comprehension

    date posted: 01/04/20

    Please find attached information about how to log in to Active Learn. We will be using this to allocate reading books for your child. 

    Active Learn Information for EYFS Parents

  • Tapestry Log In

    date posted: 30/03/20

    If you have not already activated your Tapestry account please email the school office as soon as possible to confirm your email address. Your teacher will then set up your account. The teachers will be using Tapestry for home learning so it is really important that you are able to log in to your account. 

  • Nursery Home Learning Week 2

    date posted: 28/03/20

    Please find below links to NEW home learning documents:

    Nursery Home Learning Week 2

    2D Shapes

    Check List

    I Spy


  • Letter Join - A Resource for Practising Handwriting

    date posted: 26/03/20

    We have organised for all parents to have access to Letter-Join. This is a website we use at school for teaching handwriting. It is for all year groups including nursery. 

    Please find full instructions of how to use the website here:

    Letter-Join Instructions 

    The teachers are in the process of loading tasks for the children to complete but in the meantime you can use the free play section. 

  • Home Learning for Nursery

    date posted: 19/03/20

    As the school will be closed until further notice, we have put together an information pack for home learning below:

    Home Learning for Nursery

    Here are a few other websites that have great simple ideas for home learning - perfect for Nursery children!

    Hungry Little Minds has home learning ideas for 0 to 5 year olds.  Hungry Little Minds

    Love My Books has ideas and activities for reading at home.  There are also sections on the main website for children with fascinations such as dinosaurs, animals, heroes, villains, space, toys, scary, going places, special times, our world and ourselves.  Check out the 'Make and Do' section, and also the pages for 'Books for 0-3 years' and 'Books for 3-5 years' under the 'Age Groups' section.  Love My Books

  • Reading Comprehension Workshop - Friday 13 March

    date posted: 13/03/20

    Thank you to everyone who attended the reading comprehension workshop on Friday 13 March. We hope you found it useful. Please find below links to the presentation and handouts. 

    Reading Comprehension Presentation

    Early Years Simple Bookmark

    Early Years Bookmark with Questions

    Year 1 Bookmark with Questions

    Year 2 Bookmark with Questions

  • March 2020

    date posted: 10/03/20

    The children were highly engaged in the book 'A Mouse Called Julian' by Joe Todd-Stanton which kept the children mesmerised all week with the highs and lows of Julian's adventures. They enjoyed discussing the characters, predicting the ending and acting out the story with friends. We also compared this story to 'The Gingerbread Man' and discussed whether we could really trust the fox. 

    We had some special visitors from the Junior school for Book Week. Year 3 buddied up with the Nursery children to share a book. They also donated their story books to the children so that they can continue to enjoy them.

    Book Week ended with a fantastic dress up day. Thank you so much to parents for putting  a huge effort into the children's amazing costumes. This half term we are learning about fairy tales and traditional stories and we are looking forward to learning about the signs of Spring.

  • January 2020

    date posted: 21/01/20

    Happy New Year to all the nursery parents and their families! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. We have enjoyed looking on Tapestry and seeing how busy you have all been in the holidays. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch our Christmas concerts. We were all so proud of the children as they sang in front of such a large audience!

    Last term we started our ‘Family Music’ group. A big thank you to all the parents who attended these sessions. The children had so much fun singing with their grown-ups and we hope you have continued to practise these songs at home. Singing is benefical to children’s speech and language development at this crucial age. We will shortly be inviting the next set of parents to take part in this experience this half term.

    Last Friday it was great to see so many parents participating in activities in the Nursery with their children on Science day. The children were excited to share their learning with their parents both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the activities that the children explored:

    - Planting potatoes outside

    - Floating and sinking in the water tray

    - Discovering sea life in the ‘Gelli Baff’

    - Searching for bugs in the compost

    - Mixing colours with pipettes and food colouring

    - Investigating magnetic and non-magnetic materials

  • First few weeks in Nursery

    date posted: 15/10/19

    We have had a fantastic start to the half term. We have loved meeting and getting to know the new children and their families. We are learning about the children's interests and watching them make new friendships. They have been exploring inside and outside and have particularly enjoyed blowing bubbles outside, digging in the mud pit and conquering fears by climbing the wall.  We are very proud that many children are now taking themselves to the toilet independently and learning self-care skills such as washing hands and putting on coats.

    It would be really helpful to support their learning at home by using the 'tip and flip' method to put their coats on (see pictures below), and encouraging them to independently blow their own nose. Our focus this year is to promote language development so a great way to do this is to ask your child what they have been learning at school and please share this conversation on Tapestry. We are very excited for next half term, when we will be preparing for our Christmas concert and starting 'out and about' outdoor learning sessions as well as starting Friday reading mornings.


  • Welcome to Nursery

    date posted: 01/10/19

    Welcome to all children starting Nursery this September.  Below is a presentation for parents to introduce Tapestry - our online learning journey tool.

    Introduction to Tapestry