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  • Letter Join - A Resource for Practising Handwriting

    date posted: 26/03/20

    We have organised for all parents to have access to Letter-Join. This is a website we use at school for teaching handwriting. It is for all year groups including nursery. 

    Please find full instructions of how to use the website here:

    Letter-Join Instructions 

    The teachers are in the process of loading tasks for the children to complete but in the meantime you can use the free play section. 

  • School Office

    date posted: 25/03/20

    The school office will no longer be taking phone calls however, we will continue to check the emails throughout the day Monday-Friday. If you need to get in touch with us or your class teacher please email the school office and we will reply as soon as possible. Teachers will also reply via the office. 

    Thank you for your ongoing support 

  • Support for Families during Coronavirus

    date posted: 22/03/20

    We would like to share a variety of resources and information that are available to you and your families during these challenging times.  We’ve also included some advice on how to handle possible anxiety in the time of Coronavirus.

    Support for Families During Coronavirus

  • The Book People Closing Down Sale

    date posted: 22/03/20
    Many of you will be familiar with The Book People. We were very sad to hear recently that they will be closing down; they have been a great source of books for our school through commission raised from the book fairs we held. 

    Book People will be selling off all their stock via their website at incredibly low prices. Check out their website:

    The Book People website


  • Do I have Coronavirus?

    date posted: 20/03/20

    Please see below a clear and simple video that can help in identifying the symptoms of the coronavirus.

    BBC News Video on Coronavirus symptoms

  • Library Services

    date posted: 20/03/20

    If you have a library card, Kingston Libraries have a huge resource bank of free ebooks, audio books and reference information. Please visit their online library on the link below:

    Kingston Council Online Library

  • School Closure and Provision for Key Workers

    date posted: 20/03/20

    The Burlington Schools are now closed until further notice.  Please click below for the latest letter regarding the school closure and provision for key workers:

    School Closure and Provision for Key Workers - sent 20 March

    Home Learning packs for each year group (from Nursery through to Year 2) are available on the Year Group web pages:

    Year Group web pages

    All previous school communications regarding Coronavirus can be found here: 

    Useful Information web page

  • School Closure

    date posted: 19/03/20

    The Burlington Schools are now closed until further notice.  Please click below for the latest letter from the school regarding our closure.

    School Closure Letter

    Home Learning packs for each year group (from Nursery through to Year 2) are available on the Year Group web pages:

    Year Group web pages

  • Reading Comprehension Workshop - Friday 13 March

    date posted: 13/03/20

    Thank you to everyone who attended the reading comprehension workshop on Friday 13 March. We hope you found it useful. Please find below links to the presentation and handouts. 

    Reading Comprehension Presentation

    Early Years Simple Bookmark

    Early Years Bookmark with Questions

    Year 1 Bookmark with Questions

    Year 2 Bookmark with Questions

  • Burlington Juniors Expansion Update

    date posted: 05/03/20

    We will be including regular updates regarding the expansion plans for the junior school in our Friday weekly newsletter and on our website. A working party has now been set up and they had their first meeting last week. Mrs Yay-Walker and one of our governors will be attending these meetings to represent the Infant School.
    As you may have noticed, there have been some building works going on over at the Junior School on the Clasp building which houses their Year 3 classes and school office. The work being carried out is to assess the integrity of the metal supports surrounding the building and in order to do this, the wooden cladding had to be removed and replaced.
    Further works on the actual expansion of the Junior School are due to start in 2021, however the plans have not yet been released so for the moment there is not a great deal to report. We will of course keep you informed of any communications that the Junior School send to their parents and there will be a link which we will be able to share in due course for parents to send their views/comments directly to the council.
    In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

  • Book Week 2020

    date posted: 03/03/20

    All classes in the Infant and Junior schools used this wonderful book as the stimulus for their learning during Book Week last week. Children enjoyed discussing the characters and predicting what might happen next. They had fun dressing up as animals and book characters on Friday, as well as getting into our pyjamas for a bedtime story earlier in the week. We even had ‘buddy reading’ sessions with classes in the Junior school and on Friday lunchtime the children had the opportunity to win golden tickets which were randomly placed under some of the dinner plates by our catering company Radish. The lucky winners were given a book as a prize! Thank you also to all of you for supporting the Scholastic Book Fair and attending Reading mornings with the children.

  • Your Painted Pebbles

    date posted: 03/03/20

    During half term Mr Williams and Mrs Davison came into school and created your beautiful pebble artwork inspired by the book ‘Only One You’ by Linda Kranz. Every child in the school painted a stone at the end of the summer term and since then Mr Williams has been varnishing each one. We hope you will agree the end result of everyone’s hard work was definitely worth the wait. The stones are located to the side of the Bug Hotels near the Year 2 block so please do go and have a look!

  • Road Safety - letter from our Head Teacher

    date posted: 25/02/20

    We have sent out regular requests to parents to park more responsibly and to show more awareness of other road users and residents. Before and after school are very busy times of the day and once again we implore all parents to take more care when dropping off and collecting children. Please can we remind parents when crossing Burlington Road to use the crossing provided. Burlington Road is very busy and you are risking your children’s lives by running across the road without using the crossing.
    I also have many parents and staff sharing their concerns about the dangers caused by irresponsible parking and I spoke to another very concerned parent last week.  Irresponsible driving and unsafe parking is a risk to our children’s safety!
    Please do consider others when parking, and refrain from parking across residents’ driveways or on the zig zag lines. Maybe even set off with more time to park further away from school. Walk with your children after collection and discuss their day, enjoy the positive time, a brief walk to the car can offer.

    With your help and support, we can ensure the children of Burlington and fellow road users enjoy the right to a safe journey, both to and from school every day.
    Thank you
    Mrs Yay-Walker

  • Football Tournament and Athletics Festival

    date posted: 25/02/20

    On Monday 3 February, 8 girls from Year 2 attended the first all girls football festival of the year at Chessington school. Many of these girls had never played football before but they all got involved and really enjoyed themselves, despite the weather! The team played 7 games against other local schools, winning 4, drawing 1 and losing 2. Congratulations to all the girls who took part and represented Burlington Infants!

    In the week before half term, a group of Year 1 children participated in a Mini Athletics tournament at Chessington School. The children played lots of athletics games alongside 9 other schools. The games involved crawling underneath obstacles and relay races! The children had lots of fun and behaved beautifully throughout the afternoon, even thanking the event organisers at the end! Well done to all the children!

  • Australian Wildfires: Thank You for Your Support

    date posted: 25/02/20

    A big thank you to everyone who donated towards the Human Society International in support of the wildfires in Australia. We have raised £210!  

  • Nursery Places for September 2020

    date posted: 10/02/20

    The deadline for applications to our Nursery is Friday 6 March 2020.  This is for children who were born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017 and are looking to start Nursery in September 2020. 

    Please speak to the School Office for more information or visit the Admissions page on our website:

    Admissions web page

  • Eco Council and Australian Wildfires Collection

    date posted: 06/02/20

    Last week our Eco council led our assembly about the wildfires in Australia. They all did a fantastic job of explaining the danger and threat that these fires are having on Australian wildlife. A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far to the Humane Society International. 

  • STEM Ambassador Visit to Year 2

    date posted: 04/02/20

    All Year 2 classes were visited on Friday 31 January by one of our parents who is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador. He told the children about his job as a Cybersecurity consultant. The children then had the opportunity to work in groups to complete a ‘Cyber box’ activity. This was a practical activity which incorporated things like code breaking, lateral thinking and puzzles. 

    Many thanks to Mr Simpson for coming in and working with the children today.  


    The children really enjoyed it - here is some of their feedback: 

    I liked trying to figure out the clues so that I could unlock the padlocks. I have never done something like that before!

    I was in the green team and I liked the challenges to work out the codes. I knew the Great Fire of London was 1666.

    We had to crack codes with numbers and words. Then we put them in order and put them into the padlock and it would open the box.

    I got the shape code, the torch one and the money one.

  • Year 2 Choir & Ballet Performance

    date posted: 04/02/20

    On Monday 27 January, 35 members of the Year 2 Choir and Ballet group performed at the Rose Theatre with other local schools including: Burlington Juniors, Green Lane, Malden Manor and Coombe Boys. The choir was brilliantly led by Mrs Williamson, our Music Teacher. They sung ‘Hands Feet Heart’ by Joanna Mangona exuding confidence on a large stage and to a packed audience. Mrs Saunders has been working really hard this half term with the ballet group and the girls performed their routine beautifully to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Mrs Saunders is so proud of them! 
    For the finale, every school went on stage to sing ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver Twist. It was a fantastic afternoon showcasing some really talented children.  Well done to all involved.


  • Cool Milk

    date posted: 04/02/20

    If your child is in Reception and has recently turned 5 years of age, you will need to register them with Cool Milk if you would like them to continue getting milk at school. Please click below to register your child.  All payments are made directly to Cool Milk. 

    Registration for Cool Milk

  • Reporting Absences

    date posted: 28/01/20

    Please can we remind you that it is important to report to the school office every time your child is absent from school. Please also find below a useful list of authorised and unauthorised absences: 

    Authorised Absence
    Sickness/urgent medical/therapy appointments
    Unavoidable circumstances e.g. extreme weather conditions resulting in school closure
    Family bereavement (1 day)
    Religious observance (1 day)
    Child has been temporarily excluded (e.g. 1 day)
    Any other exceptional reasons – an appointment must be made with the headteacher in advance

    Unauthorised Absence
    Holidays and trips are not authorised
    Child is absent without prior notification and no explanation is given
    Explanation is unsatisfactory – e.g. birthday, sibling was ill, woke up late, challenging behaviour
    School has reason to doubt the validity of the explanation
    Leave taken during term time which is not deemed exceptional

    We do understand that it can be difficult and expensive when booking family holidays during the school breaks due to large price hikes. The Money Saving Expert website has some useful tips and tricks to try and reduce the cost of travel. Please click here for more information.

  • Presentation from the Parent Information Morning

    date posted: 21/01/20

    If you were unable to make the Parent Information morning on Friday 17 January, please click below to see a copy of the presentation: 

    Presentation from the Parent Information Morning

    Please take the time to read it as it contains important information about the new Ofsted framework and what this means for existing outstanding schools.

  • Parental Controls on Electronic Devices

    date posted: 14/01/20

    Following Christmas, a lot of children will have been given electronic devices as gifts. Please can we take this opportunity to remind parents about putting parental controls on any new equipment to keep your children safe online. 

    Please click below for a simple guide on how to do this:

    Setting parental restrictions on your child's devices

    For more information on e-safety, please visit our webpage: 

    Keeping Your Child Safe web page

  • Science Day 2020

    date posted: 14/01/20

    The children had a super Science Day on Friday 10 January and took part in many activities.  Each class has been learning about plants and the whole school took part in an experiment to find out if larger hands can pick up the most pasta. 

    Many children wore a science related top and some dressed as astronauts and scientists!  The adults at school joined in too!

    Thank you to all the parents who came into school on the morning to take part in science activities and for speaking about your science related jobs/hobbies.  The children loved having you in with them.  Here is some of the feedback we received:

    Really enjoyed the hands on experiments!  I love getting involved in my child’s learning.

    We enjoyed learning about germs and getting sticky.  I think it really made the children realise how important washing hands is.

    It was really fun and child led focus, great time had by all.  Really got the children thinking that science is everywhere.

    I’ve enjoyed learning things myself!  It was interesting to hear about the jobs that the other parents do and see the children participate in experiments.

    Lovely to see how the children all engaged with the science and useful to let them explore (I’m inclined to answer).