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  • Upcoming Important Dates

    date posted: 20/05/24

    20th - Around the World Week
    21st - Good as new and 2nd hand children's clothing sale 3.15pm by Blagdon Gate (weather permitting)
    23rd - Parent Information Morning - PSHE 'Changing Me' 9am-10am Virtual

    23rd - PTA Quiz Night 7.30pm Great Hall
    24th - Around the World dress-up day 
    24th - Multicultural Picnic 2pm
    27th - HALF TERM BREAK

    4th - TERM BEGINS
    4th - WWF Week 
    6th - Copper Mile - please bring in any loose change to add to the copper mile. All money will be donated to WWF
    7th - Year 1 Maths workshop for parents 9am Infant Hall
    17th - Year 1 trip to RHS Wisley 
    18th - Year 2 trip to Shree Ghanapathy Temple - Jupiter class and all Y2 Choir children 
    19th - Year 2 trip to Shree Ghanapathy Temple - Saturn, Mercury & Venus **UPDATED**
    19th - Year 2 Choir - Infant Singing Festival Rose Theatre (more details to follow)
    20th - Rabbits and Squirrels class trip to Brooklands Museum
    20th - Transition Workshop for parents 9.00am Infant Hall
    21st - Foxes and Hedgehogs class trip to Brooklands Museum
    21st - PTA Non-Uniform Day- children wear non-uniform clothes to school and bring a new or nearly new toy for the summer fair tombola. (Foxes and Hedgehogs children - please come to school in your school uniform for the class trip) 
    24th - Healthy Living Week (more details to follow)
    25th - Year 2 Country Dancing Festival (more details to follow)
    26th - Sports Day (more details to follow)

    5th - PTA Non-uniform day - children wear non-uniform clothes to school and bring a shop bought or homemade cake for the cake stall at the summer fair 
    6th - Summer Fair/Colour Run 11am-2pm
    9th - Emeralds Class Assembly 9.05am
    9th - Rubies Class Assembly 2.45pm
    10th - Diamonds Class Assembly 9.05am

    10th - Sapphires Class Assembly 2.45pm
    11th - Parent Consultations 2pm-5.30pm
    16th - Y1 & Y2 Pretend Holiday (more details to follow)
    17th - Y2 Burlington's Got Talent Performance (more details to follow)
    18th - Y2 Party Day (more details to follow)
    18th - Our Amazing Animal World to visit Nursery
    22nd - YN, YR & Y1 Party Day (more details to follow) 
    22nd - Saturn Class Leavers Assembly 9.10am
    22nd - Jupiter Class Leavers Assembly 2pm 
    23rd - Venus Class Leavers Assembly 9.10am
    23rd - Mercury Class Leavers Assembly 2pm
    24th - SCHOOL CLOSES AT 1.45PM for the summer break (NO Yellow or Purple nursery)

  • Eco Council - May 2024

    date posted: 20/05/24

    Eco Council went to B&Q this week to buy some plants for the containers around the school. Sarah, the lady in charge of the garden centre, kindly let the children take a pack of plants each! They were so grateful! The next Eco Council job is planting the lovely plants so that they can be enjoyed by the bees and butterflies.


  • Nursery Places to start in September 2024

    date posted: 20/05/24

  • Save the Date - Saturday 6 July

    date posted: 20/05/24

  • Inspiration Station

    date posted: 19/05/24

    Every week we will be sending home an exciting picture to discuss and share at home which will hopefully inspire your child to write and draw. There will be a post-box situated in the corridor by the school office which children can post their entries in. All entries must be brought into class by the following Tuesday. Children can write and draw anything which comes to mind after looking at the picture. Every week in Assembly, winning entries will be shared with the school and stickers/rewards will be given. Please encourage your child to participate in this weekly challenge. We’d love to see all of your ideas!

    Click here to see a copy of this week's Inspiration Station. 

    Burlington are a very globally-minded school! For last week’s inspiration station the children shared their favourite countries and interesting facts about them. Every continent was represented and we loved travelling around the world through the children’s ideas!

    Inspiration Station Entries 2023-24

  • Positive Parenting

    date posted: 19/05/24

    Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, it has the power of making everything so much brighter. Fingers crossed that it lasts for the weekend. 

    Moving on to parenting, have you ever been in that situation at home when your child is so engrossed, so calm, so quiet, so well behaved and so perfect that you don't want to disturb them for fear of losing the moment? These rare times happen occasionally and what do we usually do as parents? We ignore them as we are wallowing in the delightfulness of it all, resulting in our children getting none of our attention. On the other hand, when our children are screaming, shouting, hitting, breaking things and generally being quite tricky, what do we do? We go over the top with the attention. Looking at it from a child's point of view, they are going to think lots of attention versus very little attention, they will definitely want more attention every time. If we try to change the way that we react to our children's behaviour and give the positive behaviour more attention and try not getting too stuck on the negative, you will get more positive behaviour. It's our number one mantra in positive parenting 'what we pay attention to we will get more of'!

    And finally, our positive thought for the week:

    No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.

    If you have a parenting concern, you can contact Mrs Easty via the school office -

  • Children's Centre Half Term Programme

    date posted: 19/05/24

    Please click here to see a list of activities taking place at local children's centres during the half term break at local Children's Centres.

  • May Half Term Holiday Club

    date posted: 19/05/24

  • Voluntary Contribution 2023-24 Update

    date posted: 19/05/24

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the school fund, we are well on our way to reaching our target with £6,096 raised so far!

    Our voluntary contribution is £50 per family - if you feel you are able to contribute, this can be paid online via your School Gateway account. There is also an option to pay on a reducing balance with smaller instalments throughout the year. 

    The money we raise from these contributions goes towards enriching experiences for the children such as Earthsong, Big Breakfast, Don Rae Music and pretend holidays. This academic year, we have also used the funds to buy new iPads and laptops for the classrooms, cameras for computing and fantastic workshops run by Kiddirama for Black History Month.

    You can read more about our School Fund by visiting the webpage: 

    School Fund web page

  • Easy Fundraising

    date posted: 19/05/24

    Just letting you know that Burlington Infant & Nursery School are now registered with easyfundraising, which means you can raise FREE donations for us every time you shop online.

    Over 7,000 brands will donate to us when you use easyfundraising to shop with them – at no extra cost to yourself! These donations really mount up and make a BIG difference to us, so we’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to sign up and support us.

    It’s completely FREE and only takes a moment. You can find our easyfundraising page here.

    Thank you so much!
    All you need to do is:
    1. Go to the fundraising page by clicking here and join for free.

    2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

    3. After you’ve checked out, the brand will make a donation to Burlington Infant & Nursery School at no extra cost to you whatsoever!
    There are no catches or hidden charges and we will be really grateful for your donations.
    Thank you for your support.

  • DO NOT PARK outside school gates

    date posted: 19/05/24

    A reminder to all parents that the yellow zig-zag lines outside our school at both the front and back gates indicate the length of road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited. If you park on these clearly marked, yellow zig zag lines you are putting the safety of our children and their families at risk.

    Cars should not be parked on the zig zag lines for any amount of time - even if it is just a minute or two to drop off children.

    Thank you for helping us to keep our school community safe.

  • REMINDER: No Riding Scooters

    date posted: 19/05/24

    Please can we remind parents that children are not allowed to ride scooters on the school premises. Please use the scooter stands provided or carry your child's scooter once inside the school gates. We really appreciate your support.
    Thank you

  • Uniform Reminder

    date posted: 19/05/24

  • Stamptastic

    date posted: 19/05/24

  • School Gateway

    date posted: 19/05/24

    If you have not already downloaded the School Gateway App, please do this immediately. This is our communication and payment system for the school so it is really important that you have activated your account. We will use this system to send emergency text messages and all clubs, trips, Acorns, nursery fees etc can be paid using the app. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask the school office. 

    How to access School Gateway instructions for new users

  • School Policies

    date posted: 19/05/24
  • Whole School Science Homework: Science Good Deed

    date posted: 12/05/24

    Keep your science good deeds coming! If you haven't yet taken part in this term's science homework, why not give it a go. 

    Take a Science Selfie while you are completing your Science Good Deed and post it on Tapestry!  If you would like to have your photo included in our weekly school newsletter, please e-mail your photo to

    Our Eco Council need your help!  They know that Burlington children enjoy taking care of the world and would like you to take part in a Science Good Deed this half term!  You might do the activity for one day or you might try to do it everyday for a week. 

    Science Good Deed

    Here are a few ideas for you to choose from:

    Go on a litter pick
    Walk to school
    Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth
    Turn off the lights when no one is in the room
    Create a Bug Hotel in your garden or at the park
    Help with the recycling at home
    If you have a garden, plant some bee friendly plants
    Donate old toys, clothes and books to charity or organise a toy swap with a friend
    If you have a garden, collect rainwater to water your plants

    All year groups from Nursery to Year 2 are welcome to take part!


    This girl helped gather all the children's clothes in her house which were in great condition and donated them to disabled children in need. She also placed her old family kettle on the curb and wrote a note on it to say it was free to take for anyone who needed one. 

  • Young Scientist Event - 29 and 30 May

    date posted: 12/05/24

  • May Half Term Intensive Swimming Lessons

    date posted: 12/05/24

  • Coffee morning with the Mental Health Support Team (MHST)

    date posted: 05/05/24

    The MHST is an early intervention and prevention service focusing on mild to moderate mental health difficulties such as anxiety, low mood and common behavioural difficulties. The Kingston and Richmond MHST is a schools-based team of psychological professionals including clinical leads, creative therapists, mental health practitioners and education wellbeing practitioners. We cover all schools in Kingston and Richmond. 

    The MHST exists to:

    Deliver evidence-based interventions for mild-to-moderate mental health concerns
    Support schools to develop a whole school approach to mental health
    Work with schools and other services to help children get the right support

    The next dates and topics we will be exploring this term:
    Separation Anxiety
    Thursday 16th May, 9.15am at Burlington Infant School (infant hall)

    Join us for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat with other parents and the school's MHST art psychotherapist. Together we'll explore and discover strategies to build your child's confidence in facing challenges of separation anxiety.
    Thursday 20th June, 9.15am at at Burlington Infant School (infant hall)

    Join us for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat with fellow parents and the school's MHST art psychotherapist. Together we'll explore effective ways to help your children cope with the fears and anxieties they may have about transition. It's natural for children to feel anxious about change, and we'll discuss typical symptoms and practical strategies to provide support and guidance during these moments of worry.

  • Net Zero Superheroes!

    date posted: 05/05/24

    On Monday the Year 2 children worked with engineers to design and build a wind turbine. The children learned about Net Zero, climate change, carbon footprint and energy sources.   

    The engineers set the children a task to be competed at home. The children are to come up with their own solutions to climate change and reaching net zero at home. The children are to be as creative as possible - it could be a song, poem, model, idea - and to present their ideas when the engineers return on Wednesday 12th June.  We look forward to seeing your ideas! Good luck!

  • Volunteers Needed!

    date posted: 04/05/24

    We are looking for more reading volunteers to help out in our year 2 classes.

    If you are able to spare 20 minutes on either a Monday or Tuesday (or both days!) from 9am, to help read with the children in class, please get in touch with Mrs McEvoy via the school office. 

    Thank you!

  • Science / History Homework

    date posted: 04/05/24

    Year 2 are learning about life cycles and timelines and we're setting you a challenge to complete at home! Can you create a timeline and record the important events that have happened in your life so far?

    You could include: when you started nursery, when you went on your first holiday, when you got your first pair of shoes, when you lost your first baby tooth, when you became a big brother or sister. You could also write about what you needed and what you could do at each stage of your life e.g. newborn, infant, toddler, pre-school, school age. We’re sure you will have lots of fun creating your timeline and thinking about all these special memories.

    Please upload your timeline onto Tapestry or bring it into school by Tuesday 4th June. You might like to record yourself presenting your timeline. We will share them in class with your friends.

    We look forward to seeing them! Mrs MacMillan & Miss Dixon

  • Science Selfie Challenge

    date posted: 04/05/24

    If you are taking part in science learning at home, please take a photo and email it to the school. It could be a photo of you trying out an experiment, sharing something that you have created or an interesting find. You could be with an animal, reading a book, feeding the birds, at your allotment or visiting a science museum. Please add comments and quotes from your child explaining what your science selfie is about and what you were learning.

    Please email your science selfie to  We look forward to seeing your Science Selfies!

    Here are some of the Science Selfies we've received!

    Science Selfie Challenge Photos

  • Parenting Course Update

    date posted: 04/05/24

    Our parenting course is in full swing and we would love to share a poem that one of our parents wrote for us following his time on the course. Such meaningful words and really captures the essence of why we continue to run this course - thank you.

    Mrs Docwra and Mrs Easty

    It’s Friday morning, we’re here again
    To share our Mummy/Daddy pain
    The week just passed, we’ve got things wrong,
    But this is not a guilt trip song.
    We’re here to share, to laugh, to cry,
    To learn and grow is what we try.
    As parents we know this for sure.
    Our life with kids, it ain’t a bore!
    Our feelings, can’t help but come out
    And sometimes we can scream and shout!
    And when we do, we don’t feel proud
    But here’s our silver lining cloud…
    Here in this group, we understand
    That we all need a helping hand.
    Michelle and Terri they’re the best
    They give us tips, put minds at rest
    Kindness, praise and empathy
    Are three great things they love to see!
    They share their wisdom, lend an ear
    For all of us, there’s healing here!

  • Fire Station Open Day - 30 June

    date posted: 03/05/24

  • Year 2 Engineering Challenge

    date posted: 29/04/24

    Last half term the year 2 children took part in an engineering challenge - to design and make a vehicle from a shoe box. Two children from each year 2 class had the opportunity to attend a Primary Engineer Construction Celebration Event in London to speak to engineers and test the vehicles they had made down a ramp. Our children were competing against pupils from other schools. Gabriel and Kitty were the overall design winners and Lingrong and Zelda won best vehicle for distance and for communication. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children. We are excited that we will continue working with the engineers this term too to take part in another project!

  • New MUGA!

    date posted: 29/04/24

    Our Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) is officially open in the infant playground! The children have been enjoying playing lots of different ball games during playtimes. The MUGA was installed by Morgan Sindall, the contractors who are undertaking the expansion work at the junior school. We have been wanting a dedicated space for football, basketball and other sports for a long time so we are delighted to finally be able to offer this to the children.

  • Meet the Governors - Hannah Pirinen

    date posted: 29/04/24

    As Curriculum Governor for Maths, I visit the school once a term to meet with the Maths Leader, Ms Ellis. Last Friday, as the whole school participated in Maths Day, I visited all year groups across the school to observe Maths lessons and to speak to children about their learning. Children had the opportunity to explore measurement, size, number and shape, as well as problem solving throughout the day; from MANGO morning Maths games in Year 2, to a scavenger hunt in the Orchard in Year 1, and from capacity recipes in Reception, to a Goldilocks role play in Nursery - it was a pleasure to observe children engaging with and enjoying Maths!

    Hannah Pirinen
    Curriculum Committee Chair

  • Ten Project is Back!

    date posted: 28/04/24

    Ten Project is back and excited to welcome new and old faces to their FREE Community Family Sessions. They are also delighted to be welcoming a new set of children and families to their School & Community Initiative this summer term. They are set to teach well over 1,200 children and their families over the course of the next 10 weeks and they can't wait to meet you all! 

    All of their FREE Community Family Sessions are back and starting either this weekend or next, so what are you waiting for? Book into your FREE session now! 

    Register Now

  • Mango Morning & Maths Day 2024

    date posted: 21/04/24

    A big thank you to everyone who joined us today for our Mango and Maths Day! We hope you enjoyed it. It was great to see everyone taking part in the Maths activities and thank you for all the lovely feedback.  Thank you also to Hannah Pirinen, our maths governor who joined in with the fun. 

  • Maths Challenge March 2024

    date posted: 21/04/24

  • Learning about Eid

    date posted: 21/04/24

    This week the children learnt all about the Islamic festival Eid A-Fitr which was celebrated by many children and families all over the world during the school holidays on Wednesday 10th April. The children had an opportunity to ask questions and to share their own experiences. We also had a few parents and staff members from school to talk to the children about how they celebrated at home. The children volunteered to try some of the traditional clothes on as well. Thank you to all that shared their photos on Tapestry. If you celebrate any religious festivals at home, we would love to hear from you. You can upload photos to Tapestry, sign up for Culture Cat or maybe you would like to come into school to talk to the children? Please let me know. 

    Miss Braithwaite
    RE Subject Leader

  • HENRY Healthy Start, Brighter Future

    date posted: 20/04/24

    The HENRY Programme in Kingston helps parents to transform family life for the better in all sorts of ways – including improved nutrition, emotional wellbeing, parenting skills and getting more active.  

     All of their support for families is underpinned by the HENRY approach to supporting behaviour change which helps parents gain the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to help the whole family adopt a healthier, happier lifestyle and to give their children a great start in life.

    Click here to read their April newsletter. 

  • Easter Egg Competition 2024 Winners

    date posted: 10/04/24

    A huge well done to everyone who entered the Easter egg competition! We have loved seeing all the wonderful creations and we are so impressed with the creativity that has gone into every design.  The winners this year are: 

    Orange - Hevin
    Purple - Eliana
    Green - 1st prize Prathesan 2nd prize Akeera
    Yellow - 1st prize Ayesha 2nd prize Melita
    Blue - 1st prize Donovan & Lina 2nd prize Anjeli, Alexander & Faith

    Foxes - 1st prize Lulu 2nd prize Latifah 3rd prize Mina
    Hedgehogs - 1st prize Erna 2nd prize Maisie 3rd prize Flo
    Rabbits - 1st prize Qinyue 2nd prize Rosie 3rd prize Savannah
    Squirrels - 1st prize Robin 2nd prize Salah 3rd prize Amelia

    Year 1 
    Diamonds - 1st prize Linea 2nd prize Xabier 3rd prize Naty
    Emeralds - 1st prize Maysa 2nd prize Reuben 3rd prize Yuvan
    Rubies - 1st prize Amelie 2nd prize Belle 3rd prize Ava
    Sapphires - 1st prize Teddy 2nd prize Ada 3rd prize Kiriako

    Year 2
    Jupiter - 1st prize Ava 2nd prize Izzy 3rd prize Stella
    Mercury - 1st prize Emma 2nd prize Sunwoo 3rd prize George
    Saturn - 1st prize Alicia 2nd prize Leanne 3rd prize Varman
    Venus - 1st prize Paulina 2nd prize Rianne 3rd prize Maisie

  • Year 2 Choir Performance 2024

    date posted: 10/04/24

    We are so proud of the year 2 choir for their fantastic performance at the Rose Theatre on Monday. The children sang with confidence and such enthusiasm that brought the songs to life not to mention the lively actions they did to the songs. They were definitely one of the stand out performances on the day and we could not be more proud of them. Well done! 

  • Kingston Adult Education - summer courses

    date posted: 10/04/24

  • Chicks hatch in Nursery!

    date posted: 25/03/24

    Exciting news in Nursery! On Wednesday we watched 9 chicks hatch! We have been watching them grow and taking care of them. Next week when they are a bit bigger we will be able to hold them!

  • Reduced Entry Tickets for those in receipt of benefits

    date posted: 25/03/24

    We would like to make you aware of some places to visit offering reduced price tickets for those in receipt of benefits. Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, RHS Garden Wisley, Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo all offer reduced price tickets costing between £1-£3 per person to visit.  Please see below for further details and links to buy your tickets. 

    Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace
    £1 tickets for a day visit to the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace are available to anyone in receipt of the following: Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support or Jobseeker’s Allowance.
    You can claim £1 tickets for up to six people per household. Only one person per household needs to show supporting documents.
    To book:
    RHS Garden Wisley
    If you receive any of the following benefits, you’ll be able to visit RHS Garden Wisley for just £1: Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit, Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income-related Employment and Support Allowance.
    You can book £1 tickets for yourself and up to five people coming with you. This can be a mixture of children and adults. Only one member of the party needs to be receiving benefits. You will need to present proof of your benefits on arrival at the garden.  Please note: This offer applies to standard garden entry only and is not valid on separately ticketed events such as RHS Glow.
    To book:

    Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
    Low-cost entry for a visit to Kew Gardens and its sister site, Wakehurst in Sussex, for people in receipt of Universal Credit or Pension Credit.  You will need to present proof of either your Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) on arrival - £1 (£2 with donation).
    To book:
    London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo
    London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo have made reduce price tickets from as little as £3 per person available for those currently receiving Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support or Jobseeker’s Allowance.
    These tickets are only available to purchase online in advance, for up to six people per household (under 3’s go free and do not need to book – but must be accompanied by an adult with a booked ticket). These tickets must be booked online in advance of your visit, as only full price tickets are available to buy at the gate. You will need to bring proof of eligibility with you and show this when you present your ticket(s) at the admissions gate. This can either be by logging into your Universal Credit portal or by bringing your proof of benefit letter (one proof per household). To be eligible you must have received a Universal Credit payment within the last month and you may also be asked to show photographic ID.
    To book:

  • Kingston Bear Hunt trail

    date posted: 25/03/24

    Kingston First, the town’s business improvement district is thrilled to announce a new Bear Hunt Trail for 2024, a free public trail that promises an enchanting journey through art, adventure, and community engagement. In collaboration with Wild in Art and Walker Books, the trail will feature ten beautifully sculptured bears inspired by the award-winning animation, based on the much-loved picture book We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. 

    From 29 March to 7 June 2024, the Kingston Bear Hunt Trail will be open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, inviting residents, workers and visitors to explore Kingston's streets, and landmarks in search of these captivating bear sculptures. Each bear, uniquely designed by ten different artists will showcase never-before-seen artwork from 5 of the sculptures. The bears capture light-hearted and thought-provoking themes, including diversity, sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, and more.

  • Children's Centre Easter Programme

    date posted: 25/03/24

    Please click here to see a list of fun Easter activities taking place at local children's centres.

  • Beach Volleyball Classes

    date posted: 25/03/24

  • Easter Holiday Club

    date posted: 25/03/24

  • Reading Volunteers Wanted!

    date posted: 18/03/24

    We need your help!

    Reading Volunteers Wanted!

    If you are able to spare 20 minutes on a Monday or Tuesday morning from 9.00-9.20am to be a reading volunteer in class, please contact Mrs McEvoy via the school office. 

    We are looking for at least 3 volunteers per class to listen to the children read. Training will be provided and a full DBS check will be carried out by the school. You will also need to provide 2 references if possible (this can be previous or current employers or somebody who has known you in a professional capacity).
    To start after the May half term and from September.

    Thank you!

  • Big Battery Hunt

    date posted: 18/03/24

    Eco council are continuing to do a fantastic job of counting all the batteries we have been collecting. They all had a guess at how many were in the bucket before counting them - some children were very close to the actual number which is 559! 

    Well done Eco Council and thank you!



  • PTA Plastic Tat Amnesty! PLEASE READ

    date posted: 14/03/24

  • Parent Information Morning - presentation from 8 March

    date posted: 11/03/24

    Thank you to everyone who attended the session this morning. We hope you found it useful and we are very grateful for your comments and suggestions. 

    If you were unable to come along, please click below to see a copy of the presentation. 

    Parent information morning - presentation to parents from 8 March

  • PSHE in Nursery - Healthy Eating

    date posted: 11/03/24

    Nursery children have been very busy this week finding out about healthy eating as part of their PSHE learning. A HUGE thank you to nursery parents who donated all the above fruit so that the children could look at the colours, shapes and textures of lots of different fruit as well as smelling them. The children recognised lots of the fruit from the book Handa's Surprise which they have been reading together. Afterwards the children got to make their own kebabs and taste all the yummy fruit. 

  • Phonics and Writing workshop for Reception parents - presentation from 7 March

    date posted: 11/03/24

    Thank you to everyone who attended the Reception phonics and writing workshop this week. We hope you found it informative.

    If you were unable to come along, please click below to see a copy of the presentation. 

    Reception Phonics and Writing Workshop - presentation to parents March 2024

  • Burlington Infant and Nursery School Education Wellbeing Practitioner

    date posted: 10/03/24

    Hodman Keyre is an Education Wellbeing Practitioner, part of the Mental Health Support Team (MHST) that works across primary and secondary schools in Kingston and Richmond, including at our school. 

    The MHST deliver short term, evidence-based interventions for children and young people experiencing mild to moderate mental health difficulties, such as anxiety, low mood and behaviour difficulties.

    For more information about this service, please click here.

    If you have concerns about your child and would like to speak with Hodman, please contact Mrs Docwra who is the school's mental health lead or to your class teacher. 

  • Extreme Readers!

    date posted: 04/03/24

    A big thank you to everyone who entered the extreme reading challenge! We have really enjoyed seeing all the unusual places the children have been reading - even Mrs Davies did some extreme reading in her half term break! 

  • Celebrating diversity at Burlington Infants! Culture Cat

    date posted: 04/03/24

    The children in Reception to Year 2 have been sharing their home cultures, traditions and experiences with their new class mascot Culture Cat. This has included finding out about new countries such as Egypt when Culture Cat joined a family holiday, celebrating Australia Day and Chinese New Year, and learning a Tamil song. Thank you to parents who have signed up for Culture Cat already – please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have a special celebration, festival, holiday coming up so that your child can share (‘show and tell’) their experiences with their class.      
    Here are some lovely examples…

    Culture Cat had a lovely time celebrating Chinese New Year with this boy and his family. This year is the Year of the Dragon. His mum put up spring couplets on the front door to welcome the new year. He received a red envelope, with lucky money inside from his uncle. It is important to say ‘Xin Nian Kuai’ and ‘thank you’ when you accept them. Culture Cat also posed with a fish shaped rice cake. Fish is considered a lucky dish on the New Year’s Eve dinner table, because the sound of the word fish (Yu) also means ‘bountiful and plenty.'

    Culture Cat helped this boy to celebrate the Lunar New Year by visiting a Korean temple. Children are given envelopes with money by family members and the whole family get together to enjoy a special meal. They also hold memorials for their ancestors who are no longer here. 

  • Parents / carers bringing dogs into school grounds at drop off and pick up times

    date posted: 02/03/24

    We recognise that dogs are an important part of family life for many in the school community, and as such are often included in day‐to‐day activities such as walking children to and from school. However, others may find the presence of dogs in the playground and school grounds stressful, even frightening particularly with younger children. Even well‐behaved dogs can behave unpredictably when placed in a busy, noisy and crowded environment. Therefore school policy is that no dogs (apart from assistance dogs) are allowed on school premises (either on a lead or carried).  We would appreciate your co-operation by not bringing your pet to school.

    Thank you 

  • Information on Measles - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 29/02/24

    Dear Parents/Carers, 

    Please find attached a letter regarding a confirmed case of Measles in the school. Also included is a factsheet that has lots of helpful information about what to look out for. 

    Measles Letter to Parents - sent 28 Feb

    Please can we ask that if your child has an undiagnosed rash on their face or body to please get this checked out with your GP.

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School