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  • Pearson Writing Competition

    date posted: 16/09/20

    An exciting writing competition has been launched to encourage children (ages 4-19) to have the opportunity to write their own tales of people who have made a difference to them during this extraordinary year of disruption. 

    To find out more and enter, please click below

    Pearson Writing Competition - Everyday Heroes

  • Tapestry - how to access and use

    date posted: 16/09/20

    At Burlington Infant and Nursery School, we use Tapestry to record the children's learning.  To help you learn how set Tapestry up and use it, we've created a short video.

    Tapestry 'how to' video for parents

    To view the slides from the presentation, you can view them here:

    Tapestry 'how to' powerpoint presentation

    If you have any questions, please ask your class teacher or send an email to the school office on

  • COVID-19: Quick reference guide for what to do if you / your child is unwell

    date posted: 16/09/20

    Please find below a useful quick reference guide to help you decide what action is necessary if you or your child is unwell.

    COVID-19 Actions for Parents

    If you are at all in doubt, please call the Infants office and they will be able to best advise you.

    There is also a useful flow chart which explains the school's process for when a child or member of staff present with suspected coronavirus symptoms. 

    COVID-19 Response Flow Chart for Parents

    Please also find here a useful step by step guide on what to do if you or someone you share your home with has coronavirus symptoms.  This document has also been translated into other languages and can be found here.

  • Recovery Curriculum - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 16/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached a letter regarding the recovery curriculum. 

    Recovery Curriculum - Letter to Parents

    Thank you and best wishes 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Tapestry Learning Journal for Years 1 and 2 - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 16/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    We are delighted to inform you that we are continuing your child’s learning journey of Tapestry into Year 1 and Year 2 this year. Please read the attached letter and return the consent slip.

    Tapestry Agreement Letter for Years 1 and 2

    If you are able to email the consent slip that would be preferable. Please send it to

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Pupil Voice

    date posted: 14/09/20

    Just before the end of the summer term we sent out a survey for children to complete with their parents to find out how they were doing and to ask how they found being in lockdown. We have prepared some FAQs based on the questions raised from the results of this survey. Please click below to read them.

    FAQs from Lockdown Survey (Pupil Voice)

  • PE days for Years 1 and 2

    date posted: 12/09/20

    From Monday 14 September, children in Years 1 & 2 will start their PE lessons. Lessons will be held outdoors and children should come to school on their allocated day in their PE kit. They will stay in their kit for the whole day. Please see below the allocated day for your child's class. 

    Year 1
    Rubies - Monday 
    Diamonds - Wednesday 
    Emeralds - Thursday 
    Sapphires - Friday

    Year 2 
    Mercury - Monday 
    Venus - Tuesday 
    Saturn - Thursday 
    Jupiter - Friday

    Please click below for a list of items children in Years 1 and 2 will need for PE. 

    PE Kit for Years 1 and 2

  • Science Selfie Challenge

    date posted: 11/09/20

    The teachers are really enjoying teaching science again around the school.  Some classes have been learning about parts of the body and some are helping lost animals to find their habitats.  If you are taking part in science learning at home, please take a photo and email it to the school. It could be a photo of you trying out an experiment, sharing something that you have created or an interesting find. You could be with an animal, reading a book, feeding the birds, at your allotment or visiting a science museum. Please add comments and quotes from your child explaining what your science selfie is about and what you were learning.

    Please email your science selfie to and please let us know if you would allow for it to be shared in the school newsletter and on our school website. We look forward to seeing your Science Selfies!

    Here are some of the Science Selfies we've already received!

    Science Selfie Challenge Photos

  • School Lunches - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 10/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached a letter regarding school lunches. Please read this carefully as it contains new information about the meals we will be providing. Also attached is the new menu for the rest of the autumn term.

    School Lunches - Letter to Parents

    School Lunches - Hot Food Menu Autumn 2020

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Fruit

    date posted: 10/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers

    We are pleased to inform you that the free fruit scheme is back up and running. 

    As from tomorrow you will no longer need to provide a fruit snack for your child as they will now have daily fruit provided by the school. All fruit will be washed before being given to the children.

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Recovery Curriculum - Autumn term

    date posted: 09/09/20

    We recognise a return to school for some children may prove to be challenging after being away from school for so long. We have been working on a curriculum, called a ‘recovery’ curriculum that will support this transition back into school across the coming months.  Please click through to our Curriculum web page to read more about this.

    Curriculum web page

  • Welcome back message and new drop off and pick up times - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 07/09/20

    Dear Parents and Carers

    Welcome back! It was wonderful being able to welcome you and your children back in to school this week. Thank you all so much for bearing with us and being so encouraging and patient while we find our feet with the new arrangements this term. It has been a very challenging task trying to stagger all the start and finish times so that we keep parents on site for as short a time as possible, and so that we safely manage the sheer numbers on site.

    We are also very mindful that staggered times do not suit everyone as there are siblings across both schools and across all year groups. We will try our very best to make changes where we can. After the first 2 days, we have changed our timetable for drop off and collection. We would very much appreciate your support with the following in order to better manage the start and end of each day:

    -Please check your new start and finish times below. Please do not come early/late – we cannot let you in until 5 mins before your start time.

    -Please stick to your allocated time slots as this helps keep the numbers manageable on the school site.

    -Only one adult per household may drop off/pick up.

    -Please stand on marked areas only when waiting for drop off or collection.

    -All adults must wear masks and keep masks on until they leave the school site.

    -Please may we politely request that you do not wait around to chat for any length of time as this causes congestion around a very small site. We love talking to parents, but it will have to be kept to a minimum for now please. If you would like to speak to any of us or need any further information, please do call the office and we will be happy to discuss anything over the phone.

    -Fruit – please only send one (small) piece of fruit that your child can manage and eat by themselves. Please do not send in any fruit that needs cutting or peeling. We will help with satsumas but not be able to use a knife.

    -All children will sanitise their hands in the morning to speed up the drop offs. They will wash their hands frequently during the day.

    New Reception times:


    Drop off time

    Pick up time

    Waiting area




    Outside Foxes class




    Outside Hedgehogs class




    In infant playground




    In infant playground

    Please note, these pick up times only apply to your child once they are attending full days.  For the first 3 days (from their start date) that you child attends school, they will be doing half days and should be collected at 1.30pm.

    New Year 1 times:


    Drop off time

    Pick up time

    Waiting area




    Outside Sapphires class




    Outside Rubies class




    In infant playground




    In infant playground

    New Year 2 times:


    Drop off time

    Pick up time

    Waiting area




    Outside Saturn class




    Outside Jupiter class




    Outside Venus class




    Outside Mercury class

    We hope that this alleviates some of the congestion in the playground.

    The first 2 days with years 1 and 2, and the ‘stay and plays’  in nursery and reception have been positive and we are confident that the children will settle in well with their new routines soon. Thank you for your support in preparing your children for their return.

    Best wishes,

    Mrs Yay-Walker, Headteacher

  • Childhood Immunisations - update from School Health Team

    date posted: 06/09/20

    The School Health Team would like to pass on information about childhood immunisations. Please click below to read their letter.

    Childhood Immunisations - update from School Health Team

  • School Gateway - DOWNLOAD NOW

    date posted: 06/09/20

    If you have not already downloaded the School Gateway App, please do this immediately. This is our communication and payment system for the school so it is really important that you have activated your account. We will use this system to send emergency text messages and all clubs, trips, Acorns, nursery fees etc can be paid using the app. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask the school office. 

  • Back to School: PE and Fruit

    date posted: 03/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find below some important information regarding your child's return to school: 


    Children will resume PE lessons from next week. As a result of government guidance and as part of our risk assessment, we will now be aiming to hold all PE lessons outdoors. On the days when your child has PE, they should come to school in their PE kit and will stay in their kit for the whole day. See below the items your child will need:

    - Plain jogging bottoms and sweatshirt/hoodie (must be grey, black or navy blue with no logo or pattern)

    - Black plimsolls

    - PE shorts (Black or navy) for warmer days.

    - Plain white T-shirt

    - Plain white or grey socks

    Please check with your class teacher which days your child has PE. All items must be labelled with your child's name. 


    We will be having a morning and afternoon playtime to ensure that children spend as much time as possible outdoors and to minimise prolonged periods in the classroom. All children should have a warm waterproof coat labelled with their name.


    Public Health England has suspended the free fruit scheme for schools. We are awaiting further updates of when this will resume. In the meantime, we would like to ask that children bring 1 piece of fruit from home each day for a mid morning snack. Please make sure the fruit is in a reusable sandwich bag or container with your child's name on. The fruit must be prepared so that your child can eat it independently as staff will not be handling/cutting fruit. 


    Please can all adults wear a face covering while on the school site. You will need to identify yourself to your class teacher on the first day by removing your mask when you drop your child off, however please keep masks on at all other times.

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School  

  • Return to School - Important Information - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 26/08/20

    Dear Parents / Carers, 

    Please find attached a letter regarding the return to school in September and the timetable for drop off and pick up.

    Reopening of School in September 2020 - Letter to Parents

    Updated Drop Off and Pick Up Timetable - Sept 2020

    Lunch Menu for the First 2 Weeks of Term

    We have also prepared some FAQs based on any questions you raised in the lockdown survey for children issued at the end of summer term.  If you haven't completed the survey, please do so here by Friday 4 September.

    FAQs from Pupil Voice Lockdown Survey

    Thank you.

  • Information on Sleep for primary school aged children

    date posted: 24/07/20

    Here is some useful information on sleep for primary school aged children

    Primary School Age Sleep Workshop

  • A Message from Mrs Yay-Walker

    date posted: 18/07/20

    To the Burlington community,
    We did it! This has got to have been the most challenging year for schools, parents and children, but we got there! Thank you all for your unwavering support and commitment to the school. I know that for all of us there were times when things at home became tricky, with many of us juggling work commitments and home-schooling. The fantastic work that children have produced and sent in has kept us all motivated and wanting to do more and give our very best. Thank you also for your emails and messages of encouragement and support. Your kindness was overwhelming, and your feedback was vital, helping us to shape our practices. The last half of the summer term was an emotional time, especially when we reopened our doors to children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. We had missed them so much!
    We are so proud of all our children. The efforts that they have made, the stamina they have shown and the resilience they have built up. I am confident that these strengths will serve them well and enable them to face any challenges in September and beyond.
    Finally, we would like to wish our year 2 children farewell. It was fantastic to be able to see so many Year 2 children back although it was only for a very short time. The Year 2 children this year have set an excellent example of responsibility, friendship and most of all kindness towards each other. Very well done to them and we wish them all the best in Year 3!
    Wishing you all good health and a relaxing summer.
    Mrs S Yay Walker

  • A Message from the Governors

    date posted: 17/07/20

    Hello Burlington community!

    Well, we've come to the end of the most unusual and unexpected of years. The past four months have been a challenge for all. As governors, we have written (click here) to the whole staff team at Burlington to thank them for the incredible role they have played during lockdown. Their rapid shift to online learning – despite insufficient warning and a whole new technical landscape – has been done swiftly and seamlessly. Followed quickly by another shift yet again when they were required to reopen with social distancing and strict health and safety rules in place. Throughout all of this the staff of Burlington have maintained such good humour and cheerfulness in spite of it all, welcoming our children into a safe and friendly environment. We know Burlington is caring and nurturing, and we love the school for it. This lockdown has shown it more than ever before. 

    As well as being governors, we are also parents within the Burlington community. We were all awkwardly parachuted into a new and (largely unwanted!) teaching career, trading crowded rush hour trains and school gate natter for Zoom calls and Joe Wicks. We know this has been an incredibly difficult time for families. And we want to thank you all too, for all that you have done to engage with the home learning for your children, whilst juggling the rest of your lives. We also want to reassure you – as governors we have reviewed risk assessments, and discussed plans for the recovery curriculum. The team at Burlington know it's going to be hard for some in September, and they are, as ever, working tirelessly to ensure the transition is done safely and effectively for all of your children. 

    The team spirit that runs through the staff of Burlington also pervades into the whole community – thank you all. We are proud to be part of such a community. We hope you are able to have a restful summer, and we look forward to (hopefully) getting back to 'normal' in September.

    With very best wishes, the Burlington Infant & Nursery School Governing Body

  • End of Year Parent Survey

    date posted: 16/07/20

    At the end of each academic year, we ask parents to complete a short survey to help us continually improve our school. It only takes a few minutes. We would be most grateful if you could complete the survey by clicking on this link:

    Thank you

  • Active Learn Primary - Bug Club

    date posted: 16/07/20

    Many parents have contacted us to say how much they have enjoyed and valued having Bug Club over lockdown. The children have loved reading the books, answering the questions and playing the games online. As teachers we have seen the children making amazing progress in their reading and comprehension. Active Learn Primary gave us access for free over this period and have now agreed to continue this over the summer. Good news! Bug Club will now be available for the whole of next year as we have decided to use the School Fund to buy access for all our children. Over the summer the teachers will allocate books for your child to read and set it to 'auto allocate'. This means that, as long as your child answers all the questions indicated by the bugs they will automatically be allocated more books. Happy reading!

  • Charity Sale for Burlington

    date posted: 16/07/20

    A big thank you to Thomas and Ruby who recently held a toy and clothes sale in Blagdon park to raise money for both schools as a parting thank you for all the hard work of all the staff. They were concerned that the usual fundraising opportunities hadn’t happened and wanted to do their bit to help. We are absolutely overwhelmed by such a thoughtful gesture and we are so proud of the kindness you have shown. From all of us at Burlington - THANK YOU!

  • Sports Tournaments

    date posted: 16/07/20

    Burlington Infants and Burlington Juniors have come second across the borough for participation in inter-school sports tournaments this year! Well done Burlington schools! And well done to all the children who took part in a sports tournament this year!

  • Register with your local Children’s Centre

    date posted: 15/07/20

    Please click below to register with your local children’s centre which offers lots of different services to families plus activities for the under 5’s. 

    Children's Centre Registration Form

  • Childhood Immunisations

    date posted: 15/07/20

    Please click below to view information regarding childhood immunisations during COVID-19.

    Advice for parents about routine vaccinations during the pandemic

  • Lockdown Survey

    date posted: 13/07/20

    Dear Parents / Carers

    Please click on the link below to go to our Lockdown Survey.  Please complete the form with your child and respond by 4th September 2020.

    Lockdown Survey for Children

    Many thanks.

  • Reopening in Sept 2020 - Important Information - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 10/07/20

    Dear Parents/Carers, 

    Please see below for an important letter regarding our plans for reopening in September 2020.  There is also the menu for lunches that will be used for at least the first 2 weeks of term - you can read more about this in the letter.

    Reopening Sept 2020 - Letter to Parents

    Lunch Menu for First 2 Weeks of Term

    The letter also refers to specific times for dropping off and picking up children, by year group.  Please click below for this timetable:

    Drop off and Pick up Timetable - Sept 2020

    Thank you.

  • New PSHE Curriculum

    date posted: 10/07/20

    The new Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education curriculum, including the new statutory requirements to teach Relationship and Health Education

    As we communicate with parents of the changes that are being introduced which will be statutory from the summer term 2021, we understand that some parents may have questions or concerns about some elements of the curriculum. The new PSHE policy was sent out on 26 June and issues raised by parents were shared by the parent reps with the senior leadership team on 3 July. The new curriculum will be rolled out in September, and an opportunity to ask questions will be offered at our coffee morning on 2 October 2020. Please come and share your thoughts.
    Please take a few minutes to read through the PSHE policy carefully. 

    PSHE Policy
    The questions from the meeting have been recorded on the document below.

    FAQs on PSHE Policy
    Finally, thank you to our wonderful parent reps who met with the PSHE Leaders and the senior leadership team to discuss the new PSHE Policy. Parent reps were also asked for feedback from their classes on the following:
    -Online home learning
    -The return to school from 2nd June, how their children have settled
    -The plans for September 
    We were so grateful to have received such positive feedback and are proud to share that there were no outstanding issues or concerns about any of the areas discussed. The feedback summary can be found below.

    Feedback on home learning and school reopening

  • SCL Summer Club 2020

    date posted: 09/07/20

    Please find attached the leaflet for SCL summer club 2020.

    SCL Summer 2020

  • Keeping Children Safer Online While At Home

    date posted: 03/07/20

    Some of you may remember that last October we invited our Achieving for Children's ICT and Online Safety Advisor in to school to talk to parents about keeping children safe online.  Many of you found the session very useful and relevant to your lives. 

    With children spending more time on line whilst at home during lockdown, our Advisor has now made this invaluable information-packed session in to a short 2 part video session which you can follow along at home.  Click below to access the videos (12 mins and 10 mins respectively) and view resources:

    Keeping Children Safer Online While At Home

  • New Classes for September

    date posted: 02/07/20

    Please find attached a letter with all the new classes for September. 

    New Classes for September

    If you child is currently in Reception, please click on the corresponding class link below to 'meet' your new teacher:

    Hedgehogs to Sapphires

    Rabbits to Diamonds

    Foxes to Rubies

    Squirrels to Emeralds

    If your child is currently in Year 1, please click on the corresponding class link below to 'meet' your new teacher: 

    Emeralds to Saturn

    Rubies to Mercury

    Diamonds to Venus

    Sapphires to Jupiter

    Finally, we understand some children may feel a little apprehensive or have questions about the transition.  There are some useful documents to help guide you and your child through this below:

    Your Child's Wellbeing web page

  • Welcome to Nursery for New Parents starting September 2020

    date posted: 02/07/20

    Hello to all our new families joining Burlington Infant & Nursery School in September 2020.  This post is specifically for the parents of children starting Nursery in September 2020.  

    Please click below to watch an introduction and presentation to Nursery for all new parents:

    New to Nursery Video

  • Welcome to Reception for New Parents starting September 2020

    date posted: 30/06/20

    Hello to all our new families joining Burlington Infant & Nursery School in September 2020.  This post is specifically for the parents of children starting Reception in September 2020.  

    Please click below to watch an introduction and presentation to Reception for all new parents:

    New to Reception Video

    Please click below to watch a short welcome to your individual class in Reception - just click on the corresponding class name below: 

    Welcome to Foxes Video

    Welcome to Squirrels Video

    Welcome to Hedgehogs Video

    Welcome to Rabbits Video

  • Letter from Council regarding schools reopening

    date posted: 26/06/20

    Please see below for a letter from the local authority regarding the current situation for schools.

    Letter from Achieving for Children

  • Silly Squad - National Library Summer Reading Challenge

    date posted: 26/06/20

    Every year Burlington Infant and Nursery School takes part in the National Library Summer Reading Challenge. New Malden Library is sadly closed at the moment so this year the challenge has gone online and is called ‘Silly Squad’. 
    You can find it here: 

    Burlington goes all silly!

    Look out for Burlington staff going silly in the week starting the 29th June. We will be reading you silly books or poems and putting the videos onto Google Classroom or Tapestry! We would love it if you joined in too. Send a video or picture of you reading a funny book or poem to your teacher and they will share it with your class if you say that is okay! You could ask your brothers, sisters, Mums, Dads or other family members to join in too!

    Here are the Silly Squad characters! Can you make your own Silly Squad character reading a book? We’d love to see your creations!

  • Collection of PE kits and bags

    date posted: 25/06/20

    Dear Parents/Carers

    If your child has not returned to school we will need you to come and collect their PE kit and any other belongings we have found in the classrooms. Items will be available for collection on the following days for each year group:

    Year 1 - Monday 29th June

    Year 2 - Tuesday 30th June

    Reception - Wednesday 1st July

    Nursery - Thursday 2nd July 

    Tables will be set out in classes by the blue gates off of Burlington Road between 10.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. only so as to avoid any congestion at school drop off and pick up times.  All PE bags/belongings have been packed up and labelled with your child's name clearly shown.

    **IMPORTANT** - Please could you also return all reading books, library books or games that your child has borrowed from school.  Please put them in the box under your child's class table.

    Year 2 - if your child has medication held at school please come & collect from the school office on your allocated day - Tuesday 30th June.

    Kind regards, 

    Elaine Walker, School Office

  • Year 2 Transition to Year 3

    date posted: 25/06/20
    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached 2 letters from the junior school regarding your child's transition into year 3.  The first outlines the key dates for how you and your child will learn more about the Juniors.  The second regards admission and within the letter there are also links to forms which eed to be completed for your child. 

    Y2 Timelines Letter

    Y2 Letter with Admissions Information

    Thank you.

  • PSHE Policy - New Requirements - Please Read

    date posted: 25/06/20

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    Please find attached the new PSHE Policy which meets the requirements of the new statutory Relationship Health Education. Through our PSHE curriculum (Personal, Social, Health, Economic), we support children’s development as well rounded individuals who can play a role in their community. This underpins the ethos of Burlington Infants and helps us to promote children’s wellbeing including their physical and mental health, building children’s self-esteem, developing healthy relationships and understand how to live safely and thrive in the wider world. Our new PSHE policy will come into effect from September 2020, as a gentle lead in prior to the statutory start date of summer 2021. We would like to ask you to read about our offer in the policy and if you have any questions or comments about any of the changes or what we are planning for your children, we’d love to hear from you through your class reps. 

    I have sent a message out to class reps to collate any feedback or questions from the parents in each class, and we will be meeting (virtually) with them on Friday 3rd July. Hopefully this will give you a chance to get any questions answered and learn a bit more about how we support your child’s development at the school.

    I have attached the PSHE Policy for you to read.

    PSHE Policy 2020

    With thanks and best wishes,

    Mrs Yay-Walker, Headteacher

  • Foreign Travel

    date posted: 25/06/20

    Dear Parents/Carers

    With the summer holidays fast approaching and the easing of lockdown measures, you may be starting to think about making travel plans so, we wanted to make you aware of the latest advice. 

    The current Foreign Office guidance is that you should only undertake essential foreign travel. Schools have been advised to remind everyone that as from the 8th June, if you do decide to book a holiday abroad, you will need to ensure that you allow for 14 days quarantining upon your return to the UK. 

    We are planning for children to return to school in the first week of September which means that as a family you will have needed to return home from a holiday abroad and quarantine for 2 weeks prior to children starting school. If your quarantine period falls into the first or subsequent week in September, the days that your child is absent from school will be recorded as unauthorised

    We are aware that the advice is changing daily and we will keep you updated as and when it does. 

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Mrs S Yay-Walker, Headteacher

  • Helping your child learn - advice for parents in various languages

    date posted: 25/06/20

    Here is a helpful guide on how to help your children learn at home, and it has been translated in to many other languages.

    Helping your child learn - guidance for EAL parents

  • Coronavirus information in various languages

    date posted: 25/06/20

    Here is a website with information about the COVID-19 Pandemic translated in to 60 languages.  We think this may be useful for some of our families.

    Coronavirus Information in 60 different languages

    You can click on the link to see a video in your language or click on the Google Drive link to find the written information in a pdf in your language.

  • Science Selfie Challenge

    date posted: 25/06/20

    I love to see you all enjoying Science and would like you to continue sharing your Science Selfies with me!  Please take a photo of yourself trying out an experiment, sharing something that you have created or an interesting find. You could be with an animal, reading a book, feeding the birds, watching the butterfly lifecycle or planting in your garden.  Feel free to add captions or comments explaining what your science selfie is about and what you were learning. 

    Please email your science selfie to and please let me know if you would allow for it to be shared in the school newsletter and on our school website.  I look forward to seeing your Science Selfies! 

    You can check out the selfies we've received so far by clicking below:

    Science Selfie Challenge Photos

    Mrs MacMillan

  • Transition Dates - Important Information - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 24/06/20

    Dear Parents/Carers

    Please find attached a letter regarding dates for your child's transition into the next school year. There is also a short survey which we will need all Reception and Year 1 parents whose children are not currently attending school to complete. Click on the relevant links in the letter. Please complete by Friday 26th June.

    Transition Dates Letter to Parents

    Thank you.