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  • Changes to COVID restrictions w/c 17 May

    date posted: 17/05/21

    Following the Government's next step in the easing of restrictions, please find attached an update about our COVID procedures in school from w/c 17 May onwards.

    Changes to COVID Restrictions w/c 17 May

  • Class Photos - Thursday 20 May

    date posted: 17/05/21

    On Thursday 20th May, the children will be having their class photos taken. Please make sure your child is wearing the correct school uniform. If your child normally does PE on a Thursday, please do not send them in with their PE kit, all children should wear their school uniform. 

  • My Favourite Meal Competition - Friday 21 May

    date posted: 17/05/21

    A little while ago our caterers, Radish, asked the children to draw and label a picture of their favourite meal. The winning pictures would be chosen as a party day menu for all the children to enjoy. 

    Congratulations and well done to Luke in Mercury and Lilly C in Diamonds whose wonderful pictures were chosen as the winning menu!

    On Friday 21st May, all children will enjoy the following lunch:

  • Around the World Week - w/c 24 May

    date posted: 17/05/21

    The week beginning 24th May is Around the World Week where the children will be taking part in lots of fun activities whilst learning about different cultures. We will also be visited by Earthsong Music who will deliver world music workshops for all the children. 

    We would love to hear from parents/carers about the different countries they may have lived in - send us a message or video/photos via Tapestry that we can share with your child's class. 

    On Friday 28th May, children may come to school wearing clothing which represents a country of their choice. 

  • The Reading Challenge

    date posted: 16/05/21

  • PTA Challenge: Design our new logo

    date posted: 16/05/21

  • Inspiration Station Entries

    date posted: 14/05/21

    Please keep looking out for the weekly Inspiration Station activities on Tapestry.  We love to see your pictures and writing! 

    Here is Sachin’s story about a pirate ship. Well done Sachin!

    Inspiration Station Entries

  • School Uniform

    date posted: 14/05/21

    Please can we take this opportunity to remind parents of the correct uniform the children should be wearing to school. 

    This consists of:

    Grey trousers/ shorts/ skirt/ pinafore dress/ blue and white gingham dress in the summer 

    White polo shirt

    Burlington jumper or cardigan - please make sure these are the ones with the school logo 

    Black shoes

    Grey, white or black socks/ tights

    On the days when your child has PE, they should come to school in their PE kit. Please click here to see the correct items for the PE kit. 

    Please can we also remind you that hair accessories should be discreet and simple – no cat’s ears, no bobbles or other large accessories - thank you.

    For full details of the uniform requirements and where to buy it from, please visit the Uniform page on our website:

    Uniform web page


    date posted: 14/05/21

    A little while ago, we sent an email alerting parents of a sweet product which looks like a normal packet of sweets but contains cannabis.

    There was recently an incident in Epsom where school aged children found some of these sweets and ate them and subsequently needed hospital attention. Please be vigilant when out with your child especially in parks.

    For more information and to see pictures of what these products look like, please click below:

    Edibles - alert for parents / carers

  • If your child has Covid symptoms...

    date posted: 12/05/21
    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please can we remind parents & carers that children should not come into school if they are showing any Covid symptoms - a temperature (37.5 or above), new persistent cough, loss of taste/smell. Please read the attached actions you should take. If you are unsure of your child's symptoms, please speak to the school office before bringing them into school. 

    COVID-19 Important Actions for Parents

    For more information on our procedures during the pandemic, please visit our COVID-19 Latest Updates web page - this also has the above document translated in Polish, Tamil and Korean.

    COVID-19 Latest Updates web page

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School 

  • Holiday club - Half Term

    date posted: 12/05/21

    Zone All Sports and Care will be running 2 holiday camps from Burlington Infants during the half term break.  These holiday camps are open to children in Reception to Year 6.  Please find attached more information and contact details for bookings. 

    Sports Camp Holiday Club

    Jungle Arts Crafts Holiday Club

  • Reading books

    date posted: 11/05/21

    If you have any school reading books at home which your child has read, please return them back to your child's class or the school office. 
    Thank you.

  • Science Selfie Challenge

    date posted: 11/05/21

    Please continue to send in your Science Selfies! If you are taking part in science learning at home, please take a photo and email it to the school. It could be a photo of you trying out an experiment, sharing something that you have created or an interesting find. You could be with an animal, reading a book, feeding the birds, at your allotment or visiting a science museum. Please add comments and quotes from your child explaining what your science selfie is about and what you were learning.

    Please email your science selfie to look forward to seeing your Science Selfies!

    Here are some of the Science Selfies we've received!

    Science Selfie Challenge Photos

  • Absence due to religious observance

    date posted: 11/05/21

    If you need to request absent days for your child due to religious observance such as religious festivals/celebrations, please complete the following online form:

    Religious Observance Form

  • Parenting Surgery

    date posted: 11/05/21

    Advice on bedwetting, sleep, eating problems, sibling rivalry, stress, anxiety, challenging behaviour, setting boundaries, rewards and penalties, family rules and so much more.

    If you need help with any of the above - we can help! 

    Mrs Docwra and Mrs Easty will be running parenting sessions for families via Zoom. To book an appointment, please email the school office with your name and contact telephone number and a brief description of the topics you would like to discuss. 

  • Letter from the Junior School for Year 2 Parents

    date posted: 07/05/21
    Dear Year 2 Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached a letter from the junior school regarding your child's transition into year 3. A hard copy of the letter will also be sent home in book bags this afternoon. 

    Letter from Juniors for all Y2 parents

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Spring Story Writing Competition

    date posted: 07/05/21

    Well done to everyone who entered our Spring Story Writing competition! We were so impressed by everyone's hard work and creative ideas.  It was such a tricky job picking the winners as they were all so brilliant! Everyone who entered will receive a certificate, the winners will be given a prize and prizes for effort have also been awarded.

    Winners: Inayah (Venus), Jiyun (Venus), Edie (Mercury), Eleanor (Sapphires), Ashwin (Sapphires), Meena (Emeralds), Dhilan (Rubies) and Lilly (Diamonds)

    Spring Story Competition Entries

    Effort Prizes: Alexia (Venus), Abeshanaa (Venus), Anais (Mercury), Maliha (Mercury), Chelsea (Mercury), Olivia (Sapphires), Kesavi (Sapphires), Daniel (Sapphires), Rahmeen (Sapphires), April (Emeralds), Helene (Rubies), Eloise (Rubies) and Rosa (Rubies)

    Congratulations and well done to you all!  We are so lucky to have superstar writers at Burlington!

    Mrs MacMillan

  • Reading Workshop for 2-4 year olds

    date posted: 06/05/21

    If you missed the Parent Workshop on 'Reading with 2-4 year olds' with Mrs Davies on Zoom this morning, you can now watch the recording by clicking the link below.

    Recording for Parent Workshop on 'Reading with 2-4 year olds'

    Slides for Parent Workshop on 'Reading with 2-4 year olds'

    This workshop aims to help parents understand early phonics and sound awareness, how to read letters and words and how to talk about books with your child.

  • Safe Crossing Please

    date posted: 01/05/21

    We have noticed again that some parents are crossing Burlington Road from the Curry's car park without using the designated pedestrian crossing by the children's centre gate. We cannot stress enough what a busy road this is and it is not safe to cross with children without using the pedestrian crossing. 

  • Maths Day 2021

    date posted: 26/04/21

    At the start of this term we had Maths Day (Friday 23 April) and we focused on learning about money.  We read the book Charlotte’s Piggy Bank by David McKee.  It is a story about a piggy bank that grants wishes when enough money has been saved, but the piggy bank is not all that he appears!  We used Maths day as an opportunity to teach the children about money throughout the school. 

    In the Early Years setting this included setting up a shop in the role play area and using magnets to find hidden coins.  

    In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) the children learnt to recognise the different coins and sort them.  Throughout KS1, the children played a variety of games.  In Year 1, the children had to see who could save the most money the quickest and in Year 2 they played and created their own money track games.  

    All the year groups enjoyed making their own money boxes and hopefully using their pots to save lots of money!

  • Kingston Children's Centres - Summer term 2021 programme

    date posted: 25/04/21

    Please click below to see the summer programme for children's centres in the Kingston area. They offer lots of activities for under 5s.

    Kingston Children's Centres - Summer term 2021 programme

  • Easter Egg Competition Winners

    date posted: 01/04/21

    Well done to everyone who entered our Easter egg competition! What amazing creations you all came up with, it was such a tricky job picking the winners as they were all so brilliant! Congratulations to our lucky winners: 

    1st Prize
    Casey in Orange, Hashir in Purple, Zoe in Green, Amara in Yellow, Esme in Blue, Charlotte in Foxes, Toby in Hedgehogs, Ashnavi in Rabbits, Penny in Squirrels, Imogen in Diamonds, Jude in Emeralds, Neha in Rubies, Isabel in Sapphires, Sadie in Jupiter, Edith in Mercury, Katherine in Saturn and Leo in Venus.

    2nd Prize
    Olivia in Orange, Amelie-Rose in Green, Maisie in Yellow, Liberty in Blue, Idris in Foxes, Abel in Hedgehogs, Alice in Rabbits, Ella in Squirrels, Hannah in Diamonds, Meena in Emeralds, Eloise in Rubies, Olivia in Sapphires, Freddie in Jupiter, Nathanael in Mercury, Daniel in Saturn and Inayah in Venus.

    3rd Prize
    Rianne in Green, Zainab in Yellow, Logan in Blue, Armand in Foxes, Connor in Hedgehogs, Isobel in Rabbits, Sasha in Squirrels, Phoebe in Diamonds, Theo in Emeralds, Aleksi in Rubies, Evie in Sapphires, Josh in Jupiter, Leo in Mercury, Orla in Saturn and James in Venus.

    Here are just some of the beautiful winning eggs!

  • School Lunches Menu - Summer term

    date posted: 30/03/21

    The lunch menus for Summer term are available to view on our School Lunches web page: 

    School Lunches web page

  • Important Message from the Junior School

    date posted: 29/03/21

    Dear Infant Parents/Carers,
    Please could I ask you not to let your children onto any of the equipment in the junior playground or the school field. We are working hard to keep everything as safe as we can and regularly wipe down these surfaces to protect the children during the day. I know that the children do not climb on the equipment in the Infant playground before or after school and I’d be grateful if the same can apply to our play spaces.
    We normally ask children not to climb on the play equipment anyway at the end of the day. We have had some new equipment installed which does make it very exciting, but they will get a chance to use it when they join the school.
    Best wishes,
    Burlington Junior School

  • Self-isolation payment (Test and Trace)

    date posted: 26/03/21

    Parents and carers of children who have been advised to self-isolate by their education setting or by NHS Test and Trace are now able to apply for a payment of £500, if they meet the eligibility criteria. For more information please click here.

  • Junior School Expansion Plans

    date posted: 26/03/21

    Please click here to view a letter which the junior school sent to their parents regarding the expansion plans. 

  • Cracking new arrivals in Nursery!

    date posted: 22/03/21

    On Tuesday The Happy Chick Company delivered some eggs in an incubator to Nursery! We now have eight healthy happy chicks. The children were able to watch them hatch and have been loving watching them and talking to them. Next week we will be able to handle them gently and on Friday they will be taken back to free range farms in Norfolk. It has been very exciting and we feel very lucky to have them.

  • Reminders

    date posted: 20/03/21

    Please can we ask that hair accessories worn in school are small and discreet and used to keep hair off faces – no cat’s ears please or other large headbands, bows or clips.

    Trainers may be worn with PE kits, not with school uniform. Black shoes only with school uniform please.

    No jewellery or toys should be brought into school.

    Only one adult per household to collect and drop off please.

    Please arrive promptly for your child's allocated drop off and pick up time. Some children are still arriving very late which means they have missed the beginning of their lessons.

    Thank you for your continued support

  • Gentle reminder

    date posted: 10/03/21

    Please can we ask that parents do not park across driveways on the surrounding streets to drop off or pick up children from school. We have had some complaints from local residents who have noticed parents with Burlington children parking across their driveways in the mornings and afternoon. If you need to drive to school, please use the Curry's car park opposite the school which is free of charge for a short stay.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Drop off and pick up

    date posted: 10/03/21

    In order to avoid congestion at the gates, please can we ask you to arrive at the gate no earlier than 5 minutes before your child's drop off and pick up times. It is really important that we try and avoid large groups of people waiting at the gates. Attached is a copy of the timetable with drop off and pick up times for each class.  

    Drop off and Pick up Timetable from 8 March

    Please can we also ask that you keep your children with you at all times when entering and leaving the school site, please do not let them run around and please remember to keep a safe distance from other people.

  • Our COVID Risk Assessment - summary for parents

    date posted: 08/03/21

    We have now reviewed and updated our COVID-19 risk assessment.  You can view a summary of this risk assessment here.

    COVID Risk Assessment - summary for parents

    Please remember you can view the school's latest information regarding COVID-19 on our website: the 'Covid-19 Latest Updates' page is under the 'News' tab on our website: 

    COVID-19 Latest Updates web page

    On this page you will find the latest notices and communications from the school regarding the pandemic and how we are operating safely during this time.

  • Rapid Response Lateral Flow Testing

    date posted: 08/03/21

    Dear Parents / Carers, 

    Lateral flow (rapid response) home testing kits are available for parents to collect from the testing site at Cocks Crescent (behind Lidl) for asymptomatic testing of their household. The site is open 7 days a week from 1.30-7.30pm. Parents are asked to support the school's efforts in preventing the spread of Covid-19, through twice weekly testing of households. This is not compulsory, but we would be grateful for your support. For further guidance, see here.

    Please note that these tests are for asymptomatic testing only. If you or anyone in your household is showing Covid symptoms, or if your lateral flow test has given a positive result, you must book a PCR test immediately. 

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Tech Time Spring term 2021

    date posted: 05/03/21

    The teachers are really enjoying teaching Computing at school and we have seen some of the most incredible work being taught at home too!  Some classes are learning to program toys and some classes are learning to program turtle logo.  If you are taking part in Computing at home, please submit an observation on Tapestry titled “Computing Home Learning”.  

    Here are a selection of submissions to share with you this week.

    Tech Time submissions

    Enjoy!  Miss Holmes

  • Long Service Award for Steph in our kitchen

    date posted: 05/03/21

    We would like to say a huge congratulations and thank you to Steph who along with her team cooks all the delicious meals in school. Steph was recently awarded a Long Service Award and voucher for her 15 years at Burlington! Steph always ensures that the children have hot, nutritious lunches every day and is so kind and patient with us all. Thank you Steph, we are so lucky to have you! 

  • Spark Book Awards - voting results

    date posted: 04/03/21

    Thank you to everyone who voted for their favourite book in the Spark Book Awards. The clear winner was Avocado Asks by Momoko Abe. We will be having a whole school celebration of this book in the summer term. We have postponed our book week and dress up day until June, more details to follow nearer the time. 

    Meet the Author of Avocado Asks - Momoko Abe

  • Return to School on Monday 8 March

    date posted: 26/02/21
    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached a letter detailing the return to school on 8th March for all children. Please read this carefully. 

    Returning to School on 8 March - letter to parents

    Please also find attached the timetable for drop off and pick up plus a reminder about PE kits for years 1 & 2. 

    Drop off and Pick up Timetable from 8 March

    PE Kit for Years 1 and 2

    We look forward to welcoming all children back into school on Monday 8th March.

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Spark Book Awards

    date posted: 26/02/21

    Help Burlingon Infant & Nursery School choose the children's book of the year!

    To discover the shortlisted books, read to you by our very own Mrs Davies, please click on the attached poster:

    Spark Book Awards

    You can also buy the books from the Regency Bookshop in Surbiton. The books are also on display in our library so your teachers can read them to you when we return to school.

    Online Author Visits: The authors of all four books are sending us video messages about their books. We will send you the links to these as soon as we can.
    Voting: We would like you to vote on your favourite book before World Book Day on the 4th March.  Please click below to access the google poll to vote for your favourite book by Wednesday 3 March.

    Google Poll for Voting on your favourite book
    Pupil Competition: There is a competition for children from all over Kingston and Richmond. To enter they would like you to create your own way of responding to one of the books. You could draw a picture, make a collage or model, make your own book, dress up and take a photo, write your own version, write about what you thought of the book. Please put your entries on Tapestry with the title SPARK Book Award by the end of April.
    School Competition Time: Once we have decided on our favourite book, we will be thinking of how we can enter the whole competition. Further news after World Book Day on 4th March!

  • Kingston Libraries

    date posted: 26/02/21

    Kingston Libraries have lots of free virtual events for families. Events can be booked online by clicking below:

    Kingston Libraries Bookings through Eventbrite

  • Sleep routines in preparation for the return to school

    date posted: 24/02/21

    Early morning starts may be tricky for some of our children to readjust to when school reopens on Monday 8 March.  Getting back in to a healthy sleep routine could be helpful.  Here is a short workshop to check out for useful tips and practical help to support your child with sleep.

    Sleep Workshop presentation and voice recording

    Sleep Workshop slides

  • Supporting parents with home learning

    date posted: 24/02/21

    The local council has developed these resources to support parents with home schooling. The situation will change on 8 March when schools open and children start attending school.
    However, for the next couple of weeks and any future bubble closures / self-isolation periods, these resources might prove very useful to support parents offer structure to home learning and manage their own and their children's stress levels.

    Resources to support parents with home learning