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  • Inspiration Station Entries

    date posted: 01/12/20

    It's lovely to see some of the wonderful entries coming in for the Magic Pencil.  Stay tuned for the next Inspiration Station coming home on Wednesday.

    Inspiration Station Enties Autumn 2020

  • Science Selfie Challenge

    date posted: 01/12/20

    The teachers are really enjoying teaching science again around the school.  Some classes have been learning about parts of the body and some are helping lost animals to find their habitats.  If you are taking part in science learning at home, please take a photo and email it to the school. It could be a photo of you trying out an experiment, sharing something that you have created or an interesting find. You could be with an animal, reading a book, feeding the birds, at your allotment or visiting a science museum. Please add comments and quotes from your child explaining what your science selfie is about and what you were learning.

    Please email your science selfie to and please let us know if you would allow for it to be shared in the school newsletter and on our school website. We look forward to seeing your Science Selfies!

    Here are some of the Science Selfies we've already received!

    Science Selfie Challenge Photos

  • Birthdays!

    date posted: 30/11/20

    Due to lockdown and other local restrictions, we know that it has been tricky for children to celebrate their birthdays with all of their friends and to have big parties.
    We would like to bring a little birthday joy to all our children by having a monthly party in class to celebrate all the children’s birthdays that fall within that month. On the last Friday of every month we will host a few fun party games plus music during golden time in the afternoon. All children in the class will also get a slice of shop-bought, nut free cake as a treat. If you do not want your child to have cake please email the school office ( to let us know. If your child has any allergies please also let us know and you can arrange to send in an alternative treat.

  • PTA Winter Window Trail

    date posted: 28/11/20

    The PTA are looking for households who could decorate a window to include in a Festive Trail around New Malden, to bring some extra fun and sparkle to the lead up to Christmas!  
    The plan is to create a lovely, Covid-safe walk, with clues and prizes along the way.
    If you think you could create something magical please contact Sally Henderson - or your Class Rep for more information!

  • Science Day 2021

    date posted: 27/11/20

    Our annual Science Day will be on Friday 8 January. The focus for this years Science Day is 'Bubbles'!​

    Staff and children are invited to wear a science themed top on this day.  

    Due to restrictions, sadly we will not be able to invite parents in to share their science related job or hobby. However, if you would like to post a video on Tapestry sharing your science related job or hobby we will share these with the children in the class on Science Day.  

  • COVID-Related Absences and Testing - Update

    date posted: 27/11/20

    Dear Parents / Carers, 

    Please find attached a letter regarding important updates on Covid-related absences and testing.

    Covid-related absence and testing update

    Best wishes, Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • COVID Update 27 Nov - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 27/11/20

    Dear Parents / Carers, 

    Please read the attached letter with important updates surrounding Covid-19 in our school community.

    Covid Cases - Letter to Whole School 27 Nov

    Best wishes, Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Kingston Adult Education Newsletter

    date posted: 26/11/20

    Below is the Spring term Community Learning Newsletter from Kingston Adult Education who run lots of courses based around health, fitness and mental wellbeing. 

    Community Learning Newsletter Spring 2021

  • Tech Time

    date posted: 25/11/20

    The teachers are really enjoying teaching Computing around the school.  Some classes are learning to type using two hands on the keyboard and some classes are learning about online safety.  If you are taking part in Computing at home, please submit an observation on Tapestry titled “Computing Home Leaning”.  This half term’s challenges are:

    Nursery & Reception:  Do any of your toys make a sound or move when you push a button?  Are any of them remote-controlled? 

    Year 1:  Paint a picture of your favourite animal using different colours and brushes.  You could use shape and fill and undo if you make a mistake.

    Year 2: Create a presentation about The Great Fire of London or a topic of your own choice. Use images and text, which could be found online, and then present it.


    Here are a selection of submissions from across the school to share with you this week. Enjoy!

    Click below to see some lovely submissions we've already received:

    TechTime Submissions in Autumn 2 term

    Enjoy!  Miss Holmes

  • PTA Mufti Days

    date posted: 23/11/20

    Normally the PTA would organise mufti days to ask for donations for prizes at the Christmas Fair. Sadly this year we will not be having the traditional fair however, the PTA has asked that on the mufti days this year, children can wear their own clothes and bring £1 which will go to the PTA Christmas fundraising. Please see below for dates: 

    Friday 11 December

    Children can wear their own clothes plus a Christmas/festive jumper and donate £1 to the PTA (donations can also be made via your School Gateway account)

  • PTA Christmas Fundraising

    date posted: 23/11/20

    Big PTA Raffle

    This year Burlington's PTA have signed up for the nationwide PTA Raffle.  Tickets are just £3 each, and 50% of all ticket sales come directly to school!  Every ticket is entered into 12 daily draws in December, with prizes of up to £5,000 per day. See the poster for further information.

    Tickets can be purchased at:

    Big PTA Raffle - buy tickets

  • Christmas Cards

    date posted: 21/11/20

    Due to Covid restrictions, this year children may bring in Christmas cards for their friends in their class bubble only. Please can we ask that all cards are brought to school by Friday 11 December so that we can quarantine them before distributing them to the children.

  • Donate your old Laptop

    date posted: 20/11/20

    Keepkidsconnected transform privately-donated laptops to work like Chromebooks, providing them free to Kingston schools to distribute to their pupils. Keepkidsconnected has provided over 350 devices to Kingston schools and other local education organisations, making a real difference to needy children. But as we know, there is still a significant laptop deficit and Keepkidsconnected needs your support to maintain the supply of laptops.

    If you have an old laptop that you would like to donate please contact Keepkidsconnected via this link

  • Money Raised for Charity

    date posted: 20/11/20

    A big thank you to everyone who donated to Children in Need. We raised a whopping £569.44!

    A big thank you to everyone who donated to Wear it Pink. We raised a total of £437.90!

  • Win £100 donation to our School - Easy Fundraising

    date posted: 20/11/20

  • Spaces in Year 2

    date posted: 20/11/20

    Following a number of families relocating in recent months, we now have spaces for current Year 2 children to join our school.  If you know of anyone that is looking for a year 2 school place, please ask them to contact the school office as soon as possible. 

  • Christmas Concerts - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 18/11/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Sadly, due to current Covid restrictions, we will be unable to invite parents and carers into school for the Christmas concerts. This is always a really happy and festive time and we will really miss welcoming you all.

    The children will still take part in an alternative Christmas concert in their class bubbles which will be filmed outside and the video will be posted on Tapestry and Google Classroom for parents to watch. We know that it will not be the same as in previous years but we will do all that we can to make it a fun and festive experience for the children. Due to current guidelines there will be less singing and instead the children will be showcasing the musical skills they have learnt in the autumn term using a range of percussion instruments, body percussion and movement to music.

    All children will be taking part in the Christmas concerts. If you do not want your child to be visible in the video, please inform the school office immediately and we will arrange for your child to be placed out of view of the camera.

    Please can we take this opportunity to remind you that the videos are solely for parents viewing and must not be shared on any social media sites. 

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Mrs S Yay-Walker, Headteacher

  • The GOOD FOOD CO-OP: Kingston's Fruit & Veg Boxes

    date posted: 14/11/20

  • COVID Update 12 Nov - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 12/11/20

    Dear Parents / Carers, 

    Please read the attached letter with important updates surrounding Covid-19 in our school community.

    Covid Cases - Letter to Whole School 12 Nov

    Best wishes, Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Christmas Lunch and Party Days

    date posted: 11/11/20

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    This year our catering company will be providing special Christmas lunches on two days.

    Party Day - Wednesday 16 December

    On this day, the children will be provided with a selection of party food for lunch which Years 1 and 2 will eat in their classrooms, and Reception will eat in the infant hall.

    Their lunch will include:

    Sandwiches ( cheese or tuna mayo)
    Chicken or vegetarian nuggets
    Cheese and tomato pizza slice
    Ready salted crisps
    Cucumber & carrot sticks
    Chocolate cookie

    The children will also have their class party day on Wednesday 16 December and will enjoy lots of fun activities and music. Children may bring in a small treat to have in class in the afternoon, they will not be sharing food this year so just an individual serving such as a small packet of biscuits or popcorn or a treat size chocolate etc will be sufficient. Please make sure it is in a named container or the packet has a sticker with your child’s name on. Please can we remind you that we are a nut free school so strictly no nuts to be brought in or food containing nuts. 

    Christmas Lunch Day - Thursday 17 December

    Thursday 17 December will be Christmas Lunch Day. This is always a lovely time, with special food and a festive atmosphere. The menu for the day is as follows:

    Roast Turkey Dinner, with pork sausage wrapped in bacon, stuffing, cranberry sauce (optional) and gravy
    Roast Quorn Dinner (Vegetarian)
    Served with: Carrots & Brussel sprouts and Roast Potatoes
    Chocolate Chip Cupcake

    Please complete the form by clicking on the link below which all parents must complete by Friday 20 November indicating your child’s food choices for both days.  If your child usually has a packed lunch but you would like them to have the school lunches instead,  please tick which food choice your child would prefer and leave the packed lunch box unticked.

    Chrismas Party and Lunch Day Food Choices Form

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Children's Centres Programme Autumn 2020

    date posted: 07/11/20

    Please click here to view activities for children held at children's centres around the New Malden and Kingston area. 

  • Second hand school uniform sale

    date posted: 03/11/20

    Dear Parents /  Carers,

    Please see below a list of second hand uniform available in various sizes. Each item costs £2.00 which is payable via School Gateway (no cash accepted) and will go towards school funds.

    Burlington sweatshirts & cardigans - Sizes: 3-4 yrs, 5-6 yrs, 7-8 yrs 
    Boys grey trousers
    Boys grey shorts
    Girls grey pinafore dresses
    Girls blue & white checked summer dresses

    We also have new Burlington school woollen hats and summer caps also priced at only £2.00.

    If you wish to order any of the items, please email the school office with the following information:

    Child's name
    Child's class
    Items wanted

    If we are able to fulfill your order we will email you back with the amount owed and add this to your School Gateway account.  Once the monies have been received by us we will give your order to your child to bring home.

    If you have any queries, please contact myself in the school office by phone or email.

    Kind regards,

    Elaine Walker, School Office Admin

  • Reminder to wear warm layers please

    date posted: 03/11/20

    Dear Parents/Carers, 

    Just a quick reminder that despite the colder weather setting in, we will still need to keep the classroom windows and doors propped open enough to maintain good ventilation. Please can we ask that children wear warm layers, eg vests, long sleeved tops etc underneath their school uniform and PE kit. 

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Covid advice for children testing negative

    date posted: 24/10/20

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    We would like to confirm some advice regarding children who are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. As per the government guidelines, you should book a test as soon as your child displays any of the 3 main symptoms: 

    -A new consistent or continuous cough 
    -A high temperature (we are sending children and staff home to be tested if over 37.5 degrees)
    -A loss of taste and/or smell

    If your child’s Covid test comes back as negative then your child may return to school but only if they are well and no longer showing symptoms. If for example, they still have a temperature or cough then you should continue to keep them at home. If the cough or temperature continues to persist, you should consult with your GP or call 119 for further advice. 

    Best wishes, Burlington Infant & Nursery School 

  • Kingston Healthy Lifestyle Services

    date posted: 23/10/20

    Here is a document we received from our borough's School Health Team outlining services available to help families stay fit, healthy and active over the half term break and beyond.

    Kingston Healthy Lifestyle Services for Children and Families

  • Reporting Covid-19 cases during half term

    date posted: 23/10/20

    Dear Parents/Carers

    We would like to inform you of the process for reporting Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases during the half term break.

    If your child starts to show symptoms between Friday 23rd October and Monday 26th October, please email the school office to let us know –

    You should book a Covid-19 test straightaway and inform the school of the result by emailing the school office. Please ensure that your whole family isolates. The person with symptoms must isolate for 10 days and the rest of the household for 14 days or until a negative test result is received.

    You can book a Covid-19 test via the NHS website -

    If a positive result is received, the infected person must isolate for 10 days and the rest of their household for 14 days. In the event of a positive test result, the school will report to the Department for Education and Public Health England for further instruction and advise the class bubble.

    If your child or anyone in your family develops symptoms during half term and you are unsure about when they can return to school please do not hesitate to contact the school office – emails will be checked during half term.  Please also click here for the COVID Response flow chart for parents that we have previously circulated.

    In the meantime, we wish all our children a safe and restful break.

    Best wishes,

    Mrs S Yay-Walker, Headteacher

  • Update on Covid-19 measures in place at Burlington Infant & Nursery School

    date posted: 20/10/20

    Please click below to read a letter from the Headteacher regarding the COVID-19 measures in place at our school.

    Update on Covid-19 Measures

  • COVID Update 19 Oct - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 19/10/20

    Please read the attached letter with important updates surrounding Covid-19 in our school community.

    Covid Cases - Letter to Whole School 19 Oct

    We would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that children must not come to school if they are showing any of the following symptoms:

    A high temperature (37.5C or above)
    A new, continuous cough
    A loss or change to their sense of smell or taste

    Children with symptoms must isolate at home until they have had a Covid test and received a negative result. The rest of the household must also isolate at home. These rules apply to anyone in your household showing symptoms. For example, if a parent or sibling has symptoms then the whole family in that household must isolate and children should not attend school.

    For full guidance please click here to see the Covid response flow chart we have previously shared with parents.
    We would also like to remind parents that face coverings must be worn at all times when on the school site. Please make sure face masks are worn correctly and cover your nose and mouth. We all need to work together to ensure that we are doing everything we can to try and stop the spread of infection and appreciate your support and cooperation.

  • Live Marking Method in Year 1 & 2

    date posted: 19/10/20
    Dear Parents / Carers, 

    Please read the attached letter which explains the live marking methods teachers are using in class throughout Years 1 & 2. 

    Live Marking Method KS1

    Best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Easy Fundraising - raise money for our school while you shop!

    date posted: 18/10/20

    We need your help! We are registered with
    If you shop online, you can sign up to Easyfundraising to support Burlington Infant & Nursery School while you shop! 

    It's a really easy way to raise money for us - you just use the Easyfundraising site to shop online with more than 3,600 well known online stores like Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS, Boden, M&S and many more! When you make a purchase, the retailer sends us a free donation, at no extra cost to you. 

    We want to raise as much money as possible, so please visit our easyfundraising page and click 'support this cause'.

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School Easy Fundraising Page

  • COVID Update 16 Oct - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 16/10/20

    Dear Parents / Carers, 

    Please read the attached letter with important updates surrounding Covid-19 in our school community.

    Covid Cases - Letter to Whole School

    Best wishes, Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • A Message from the PTA

    date posted: 15/10/20

    Please click below to read a letter from the Burlington School's PTA.

    Message from the PTA

  • Voluntary Contribution 2020-21

    date posted: 15/10/20

    Dear Parents/Carers, 

    Please find attached a letter regarding the voluntary contribution. 

    Voluntary Contribution 2020-21

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School 

  • Wanted: Parent Reps

    date posted: 11/10/20

    Some of our classes do not yet have a parent rep. If you are a parent from Squirrels, Sapphires, Mercury, Yellow Nursery, Orange Nursery or Purple Nursery and would be interested in volunteering to be the class parent rep please let the school office know as soon as possible. 

  • Lunches

    date posted: 09/10/20

    Please can we remind parents that children need to bring either school lunches every day or a home packed lunch every day. We order school lunches on a daily basis and do not have the capacity to check whether every child is having a school lunch on that day. We keep a separate list of children who bring a packed lunch from home so we know exactly how much food to order for the school lunches. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

  • Picture News on Tapestry

    date posted: 09/10/20

    Every week children will be asked to take part in ‘Picture News’ optional homework. ‘Picture News’ highlights current real life topics in a child friendly way. It gives children opportunities to develop learning through news stories that will hopefully inspire them. 

    A story will be shared every Friday on Tapestry with the children along with thought provoking questions to discuss at home. These stories will link to British values and will support children’s personal development. Post your answers in the comments box on Tapestry. 

    We hope ‘Picture News’ will give children the opportunity to learn about the world and develop respect for other people’s beliefs, feelings and faiths. We also hope children enjoy the opportunity to discuss their thoughts with their families.   

  • E-Safety Presentation Recording and Handouts

    date posted: 09/10/20

    We hope you found this morning's presentation on E-safety helpful.  If you'd like to review the presentation and handouts, or if you were unable to make the talk, please click below:

    Keeping your child safe web page

    On this page of our website, you will find our Online Safety Policy.  Below that is the recording of this morning's presentation together with the handouts and links referenced.

  • Recording of PSHE Information Morning

    date posted: 02/10/20

    For those of you who were unable to attend our first ever Virtual Parent Information Morning (held on Friday 2 October), we can now share a recording of the Zoom session with you so you can watch it back in your own time.  This session covered the new PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) curriculum, and the new stutory Relationship and Health Education (RHE).  Our PSHE Subject Leads discusssed what the PSHE / RHE curriculum will look like at Burlington Infant & Nursery School this academic year.  

    Recording of PSHE Parent Information Morning held on 2 October

    If you would like to read the presentation slides in full detail, please click below:

    Changes to PSHE at Burlington - Presentation for Parent Information Morning

    PSHE at Burlington - Resources Used for 'Changing Me'

    Please find useful links to other pages on our website, some of which are referenced during the session.

    PSHE Policy

    FAQs on PSHE Policy raised by Parent Reps in July

    PSHE web page

    School Policies web page

  • Online music resource for Years 1 & 2

    date posted: 30/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached a letter from our music teacher Mrs Williamson regarding a new online music resource available to children in year 1 & 2. 

    Online Music Resource for Years 1 & 2

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Time Capsule Project

    date posted: 30/09/20

    The children have taken part in a whole school project to reflect on their collective positive experiences of lockdown. Each child has recorded a positive memory and/or experience of something that they did with their family over the lockdown period. Each class produced a booklet of special experiences, with these being carefully rolled and placed inside a time capsule. The capsule was then sealed and buried outside the Year 2 classrooms. This area was chosen as the majority of the children pass by at some time through the course of the day.

    The recorded memories included ​cooking meals together, playing games with their brothers and sisters, going for lovely walks, climbing trees, playing football, playing in the garden and eating ice-cream! A special memory for some children was having lots of hugs with their mummies and daddies and celebrating birthdays. 

  • New Malden Library and Bug Club

    date posted: 30/09/20

    Good news! New Malden Library has now reopened from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday. For more information please go to their website - click here

    All KS1 children have been allocated books to read online on Bug Club. Reception children will be allocated a login and password soon. It is a fantastic website with excellent books at your child's level. Don't forget to click on the bugs and answer the comprehension questions. With the exception of Nursery, all children will also be allocated two reading books a week on a Monday. Please return them with a note in your child's reading record every Friday so they can be quarantined over the weekend. If Nursery children would like to borrow a book, they can bring in their blue book bag on a Monday and the staff will help them choose a book to borrow. Please return it on Friday.

  • NHS Covid-19 App

    date posted: 27/09/20

    The new NHS COVID-19 app, now available to download for free, is the fastest way to see if you're at risk from coronavirus. The faster you know, the quicker you can alert and protect your loved ones and community. For more information click here

  • Data Collection Sheets

    date posted: 26/09/20

    We recently sent home via book bags a data collection sheet showing the information currently held on the school’s database for your child. If you have not already informed us of any changes to your contact details, please do so as soon as possible by emailing the changes to the school office.

  • Kingston Council's Cultural Services

    date posted: 25/09/20

    Click here to see the October events programme from Kingston Council's Cultural Services which highlights all their online events and activities for children, young people and adults.  

  • Year 1 - LGFL Resources and Bugclub

    date posted: 23/09/20
    Dear Parents/Carers

    Please find attached a letter from the year 1 team with important information regarding your child's LGFL login and Bugclub (online reading resource).

    Year 1 - LGFL and BugClub letter

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Home Learning

    date posted: 20/09/20

    We will continue to provide home learning for children who are isolating at home with suspected coronavirus symptoms. Children should only complete the learning if they are well enough to do so. As we are back to normal school hours we will not have the capacity to provide videos on Google Classroom, instead we will email parents a list of resources to help you support your child's learning at home. If you have any questions or need help in accessing the resources please do not hesitate to get in touch with your class teacher via the school office. 

  • Cool Milk

    date posted: 18/09/20

    A reminder that if you would like your child to receive milk at school, you must renew your child's registration directly with Coolmilk to pay for this academic year.

    Register with Cool Milk

    Reception children do not need to register until they turn 5 years of age. 

  • Pearson Writing Competition

    date posted: 16/09/20

    An exciting writing competition has been launched to encourage children (ages 4-19) to have the opportunity to write their own tales of people who have made a difference to them during this extraordinary year of disruption. 

    To find out more and enter, please click below

    Pearson Writing Competition - Everyday Heroes

  • Tapestry - how to access and use

    date posted: 16/09/20

    At Burlington Infant and Nursery School, we use Tapestry to record the children's learning.  To help you learn how to set Tapestry up and use it, we've created a short video.

    Tapestry 'how to' video for parents

    To view the slides from the presentation, you can view them here:

    Tapestry 'how to' powerpoint presentation

    If you have any questions, please ask your class teacher or send an email to the school office on

  • COVID-19: Quick reference guide for what to do if you / your child is unwell

    date posted: 16/09/20

    Please find below a useful quick reference guide to help you decide what action is necessary if you or your child is unwell.

    COVID-19 Actions for Parents

    If you are at all in doubt, please call the Infants office and they will be able to best advise you.

    There is also a useful flow chart which explains the school's process for when a child or member of staff present with suspected coronavirus symptoms. 

    COVID-19 Response Flow Chart for Parents

    Please also find here a useful step by step guide on what to do if you or someone you share your home with has coronavirus symptoms.  This document has also been translated into other languages and can be found here.

  • Recovery Curriculum - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 16/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached a letter regarding the recovery curriculum. 

    Recovery Curriculum - Letter to Parents

    Thank you and best wishes 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Tapestry Learning Journal for Years 1 and 2 - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 16/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    We are delighted to inform you that we are continuing your child’s learning journey of Tapestry into Year 1 and Year 2 this year. Please read the attached letter and return the consent slip.

    Tapestry Agreement Letter for Years 1 and 2

    If you are able to email the consent slip that would be preferable. Please send it to

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Pupil Voice

    date posted: 14/09/20

    Just before the end of the summer term we sent out a survey for children to complete with their parents to find out how they were doing and to ask how they found being in lockdown. We have prepared some FAQs based on the questions raised from the results of this survey. Please click below to read them.

    FAQs from Lockdown Survey (Pupil Voice)

  • PE days for Years 1 and 2

    date posted: 12/09/20

    From Monday 14 September, children in Years 1 & 2 will start their PE lessons. Lessons will be held outdoors and children should come to school on their allocated day in their PE kit. They will stay in their kit for the whole day. Please see below the allocated day for your child's class. 

    Year 1
    Rubies - Monday 
    Diamonds - Wednesday 
    Emeralds - Thursday 
    Sapphires - Friday

    Year 2 
    Mercury - Monday 
    Venus - Tuesday 
    Saturn - Thursday 
    Jupiter - Friday

    Please click below for a list of items children in Years 1 and 2 will need for PE. 

    PE Kit for Years 1 and 2

  • School Lunches - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 10/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find attached a letter regarding school lunches. Please read this carefully as it contains new information about the meals we will be providing. Also attached is the new menu for the rest of the autumn term.

    School Lunches - Letter to Parents

    School Lunches - Hot Food Menu Autumn 2020

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Fruit

    date posted: 10/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers

    We are pleased to inform you that the free fruit scheme is back up and running. 

    As from tomorrow you will no longer need to provide a fruit snack for your child as they will now have daily fruit provided by the school. All fruit will be washed before being given to the children.

    Thank you and best wishes, 

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School

  • Recovery Curriculum - Autumn term

    date posted: 09/09/20

    We recognise a return to school for some children may prove to be challenging after being away from school for so long. We have been working on a curriculum, called a ‘recovery’ curriculum that will support this transition back into school across the coming months.  Please click through to our Curriculum web page to read more about this.

    Curriculum web page

  • Welcome back message and new drop off and pick up times - PLEASE READ

    date posted: 07/09/20

    Dear Parents and Carers

    Welcome back! It was wonderful being able to welcome you and your children back in to school this week. Thank you all so much for bearing with us and being so encouraging and patient while we find our feet with the new arrangements this term. It has been a very challenging task trying to stagger all the start and finish times so that we keep parents on site for as short a time as possible, and so that we safely manage the sheer numbers on site.

    We are also very mindful that staggered times do not suit everyone as there are siblings across both schools and across all year groups. We will try our very best to make changes where we can. After the first 2 days, we have changed our timetable for drop off and collection. We would very much appreciate your support with the following in order to better manage the start and end of each day:

    -Please check your new start and finish times below. Please do not come early/late – we cannot let you in until 5 mins before your start time.

    -Please stick to your allocated time slots as this helps keep the numbers manageable on the school site.

    -Only one adult per household may drop off/pick up.

    -Please stand on marked areas only when waiting for drop off or collection.

    -All adults must wear masks and keep masks on until they leave the school site.

    -Please may we politely request that you do not wait around to chat for any length of time as this causes congestion around a very small site. We love talking to parents, but it will have to be kept to a minimum for now please. If you would like to speak to any of us or need any further information, please do call the office and we will be happy to discuss anything over the phone.

    -Fruit – please only send one (small) piece of fruit that your child can manage and eat by themselves. Please do not send in any fruit that needs cutting or peeling. We will help with satsumas but not be able to use a knife.

    -All children will sanitise their hands in the morning to speed up the drop offs. They will wash their hands frequently during the day.

    New Reception times:


    Drop off time

    Pick up time

    Waiting area




    Outside Foxes class




    Outside Hedgehogs class




    In infant playground




    In infant playground

    Please note, these pick up times only apply to your child once they are attending full days.  For the first 3 days (from their start date) that you child attends school, they will be doing half days and should be collected at 1.30pm.

    New Year 1 times:


    Drop off time

    Pick up time

    Waiting area




    Outside Sapphires class




    Outside Rubies class




    In infant playground




    In infant playground

    New Year 2 times:


    Drop off time

    Pick up time

    Waiting area




    Outside Saturn class




    Outside Jupiter class




    Outside Venus class




    Outside Mercury class

    We hope that this alleviates some of the congestion in the playground.

    The first 2 days with years 1 and 2, and the ‘stay and plays’  in nursery and reception have been positive and we are confident that the children will settle in well with their new routines soon. Thank you for your support in preparing your children for their return.

    Best wishes,

    Mrs Yay-Walker, Headteacher

  • Childhood Immunisations - update from School Health Team

    date posted: 06/09/20

    The School Health Team would like to pass on information about childhood immunisations. Please click below to read their letter.

    Childhood Immunisations - update from School Health Team

  • School Gateway - DOWNLOAD NOW

    date posted: 06/09/20

    If you have not already downloaded the School Gateway App, please do this immediately. This is our communication and payment system for the school so it is really important that you have activated your account. We will use this system to send emergency text messages and all clubs, trips, Acorns, nursery fees etc can be paid using the app. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask the school office. 

  • Back to School: PE and Fruit

    date posted: 03/09/20

    Dear Parents/Carers 

    Please find below some important information regarding your child's return to school: 


    Children will resume PE lessons from next week. As a result of government guidance and as part of our risk assessment, we will now be aiming to hold all PE lessons outdoors. On the days when your child has PE, they should come to school in their PE kit and will stay in their kit for the whole day. See below the items your child will need:

    - Plain jogging bottoms and sweatshirt/hoodie (must be grey, black or navy blue with no logo or pattern)

    - Black plimsolls

    - PE shorts (Black or navy) for warmer days.

    - Plain white T-shirt

    - Plain white or grey socks

    Please check with your class teacher which days your child has PE. All items must be labelled with your child's name. 


    We will be having a morning and afternoon playtime to ensure that children spend as much time as possible outdoors and to minimise prolonged periods in the classroom. All children should have a warm waterproof coat labelled with their name.


    Public Health England has suspended the free fruit scheme for schools. We are awaiting further updates of when this will resume. In the meantime, we would like to ask that children bring 1 piece of fruit from home each day for a mid morning snack. Please make sure the fruit is in a reusable sandwich bag or container with your child's name on. The fruit must be prepared so that your child can eat it independently as staff will not be handling/cutting fruit. 


    Please can all adults wear a face covering while on the school site. You will need to identify yourself to your class teacher on the first day by removing your mask when you drop your child off, however please keep masks on at all other times.

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Burlington Infant & Nursery School