Design Technology

Our Vision for DT Learning at Burlington

Our aim for Design Technology is to encourage children to learn how to take risks, becoming resourceful and developing confidence and resilience, in an environment where efforts are valued and all children flourish.  We stimulate creativity and imagination through problem solving, collaborative group work and through producing purposeful, appealing and quality products. We enable the children to develop, apply and embed their skills through linked topic learning, building on what they already know and can do and acquire and develop the knowledge, skills and vocabulary they need to be successful independent designers and makers.


DT Curriculum Overview

Design Technology (DT) covers five main areas across the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum.  These include: structures, textiles, mechanisms, woodwork and cooking and nutrition.  We develop children’s creativity and purposeful thinking by encouraging them to make decisions, create new and original items and have the freedom to investigate what is really appealing.  Children evaluate existing products, practise related skills, and design and make real products. Great care is taken to ensure that skills are taught in a logical sequence, allowing children to build on skills already learned.  Central to our teaching of design and technology is the principle that all children develop a range of skills and learning characteristics which are linked to the school’s learning characters. 

In Early Years (Nursery and Reception), children are introduced to tools such as hole puncher, stapler, scissors, hammers, saws, paper clips, treasury tags.  They use a range of materials to invent and create things based on their interests.  Children learn to investigate and engage with a range of materials, media and tools.  Woodwork area has been successfully introduced in Reception and children have looked at different designs of existing towers or bridges to inspire new ideas to build large scale models as part of their topic on London. Health and safety is addressed from Nursery to ensure children are safe in their classroom environment.

In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), children use a wider range of tools and equipment to cut, shape, join and finish.  They join fabrics using running and blanket stitch and decorate them with buttons, beads, sequins and ribbons. Children discuss designs and look at other projects made by other children, for example, the bug hotels when planning their design as well as evaluating their work.  Children learn from their good mistakes and adapt and reflect their work to make it better.   

Cooking is a popular activity in all year groups and the children enjoy cooking and tasting a variety of multicultural dishes.  During ‘Around the World’ week children have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and countries with each class focusing on one country to study. During this time all children participate in making and tasting foods from other cultures. Children gain an understanding about the basic principles of a healthy diet and start to understand where food comes from. At Burlington we actively promote healthy eating and making good lifestyle choices.

Another exciting whole school project children take part in is linked to textiles with a focus on sewing. Children use their sewing skills to create a Christmas decoration to hang on the school Christmas tree. Lots of fun is had by all year groups and children show determination and pride in their achievements.

The DT curriculum at Burlington follows the National Curriculum.  You can find the appropriate extract of this National Curriculum for DT here: 

National Curriculum in KS1 - DT

Please note this extract covers KS1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 which is followed by the Junior School (Years 3 to 6).

The curriculum map below gives you a complete summary of the DT skills, knowledge and key vocabulary that we teach our children, during each term as they progress from Nursery / Reception and through to Years 1 and 2.

DT @ Burlington - Curriculum Map

Here is a summary of the key learning concepts taught from Reception to Year 2.

DT @ Burlington - Road Map

Here are some photos of our teaching and learning for DT across the school: 


News and Events

Burlington Artists go LIVE on Instagram! @Burlington_infants_art

Our page is a celebration of art, craft and design, created by Burlington Infants' budding young artists from Nursery to Year 2 and proudly shared by Mrs Stebbings, Art and Design lead.  

Through art, craft and design we want to engage, inspire and challenge pupils by introducing them to a broad range of techniques, materials and artists, craftspeople and designers. We want to equip them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, explore, take risks, invent and create. It will enable them to be authentic and explore their own identity as well as being curious about respecting and connecting with others. Most importantly, we want them to foster a positive, life-long relationship with the subject and have fun! We want all our children to know that they are artists, craft makers and designers! 
Follow along with us to see our creative journey throughout the school year and join in with our termly art challenges for your chance to have your masterpieces featured on our page!


How to Help at Home

Here are some useful ideas and activities to try out at home:

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