Design Technology

Design Technology is where the creativity, investigation, exploration and imagination can blossom.

Polly Middleton-Heatley

Here at Burlington Infant and Nursery School,  we love Design Technology!

We encourage our children to develop a love for Design and Technology by giving them opportunities to work in a range of contexts. Children will have the opportunity to develop the skills of designing, making and evaluating products, learning to successfully use a range of tools and techniques and select from a range of different materials.

Design Technology (DT) covers many aspects which also includes learning about the basic principles of a healthy diet and to understand where food comes from. During our Around the World Week, all children have the opportunity to participate in making and tasting foods from other cultures. At Burlington, we actively promote healthy eating and making good lifestyle choices.

Throughout the school, all children experience a wide range of Design and Technology experiences and opportunities.

Year 2 have made a bug hotel and will make food for our Around the World Week. They have also made Easter egg boxes, which involved parents coming into school to help. As part of their topic on The Great Fire of London, Year 2 made bread.

So far in Year 1 DT has covered making sliders and levers and following recipe instructions for a fruit flan. We took inspiration from the book The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight and made a flan fit for a dragon! You could try following the recipe yourself and we would love to see photos of your creations - please send them in to the DT Co-ordinator via the School Office.

Recipe instructions are as follows: Mix together 200g of cream cheese, 2-3 tablespoons of icing sugar and 100ml of double cream. Spread the mixture evenly into a flan case and add a healthy fruit topping of your choice! (Please check all ingredients are suitable for your dietary needs.)

Reception have done lots of junk modelling and cooking and are building large scale models as part of their topic on London.

Nursery enjoy building towers with the large building blocks and junk modelling using a variety of materials. They participate in regular cookery sessions.

The pictures below show some of our Design and Technology projects throughout each year group.