In Geography, children are encouraged to think like explorers, using sources, maps, globes, compasses and field work to learn through question-led cross curricular topics. Children are taught to ask and answer geographical questions to investigate places and identify the key physical features of a location. They explore the UK and its countries, as well as the countries, continents and oceans of the world. They carry out simple fieldwork to investigate the geography of the school, and build simple maps. Children also learn about weather patterns in the UK and make comparisons with other areas of the world.

We hold exciting themed weeks to bring our Geography curriculum to life.

During ‘Around the World’ week, children learn about different cultures and countries, with each class choosing a different country to study. Children gain an appreciation and understanding of different cultures through making and tasting different foods, learning cultural dances, and learning about the physical and human features of the countries geography.

Here is a lovely poem that captures the essence of our 'Around the World' week:

Around the world,
Hands in hands
Children from different lands
Learn the same way
Live, laugh and play
But have something to say…
From foody France to
awesome Australia,
sunny Sri Lanka to
romantic Romania
We live, laugh and play
But have something to say…
We may look, speak, eat
In a different way
But children of the world
All want to say….
Please look after our world
Together, forever
So we can live, laugh and play, live laugh and play.

The experience and excitement of travelling to another country and learning about new cultures is brought to life through our pretend ‘Holidays’ in the Summer term, when children bring in suitcases, packed with carefully planned clothes and items to visit a particular country, and spend the day travelling and learning all about their chosen country.  

In the Spring term, Year 2 learned all about Brazil. We were given a challenge by Willy Wonka to find a new location for his factory. After much research and investigating, we decided on Brazil, as it has the perfect climate for cocoa beans!

Year 1 used their Spring term topic of pirates to learn all about the oceans and continents of the world. They even created their own maps to hide buried treasure!

In the Summer term, Year 2 have been learning about the United Kingdom and its 4 countries. We have turned each year 2 classroom into a different country of the United Kingdom and spent the afternoon exploring and learning about their geographical features. 

Here, Year 1 children have made a map of the world using play dough.

The Year 2 children are locating continents of the world on a globe.


Home Learning

Help your child at home by looking at maps, google maps or atlas books about countries that interest them, for example if you are going away on holiday, are reading a story set in a specific place, or have friends from another country.