In History, children are encouraged to think like detectives, using sources and clues to learn through question-led cross curricular topics. Children are taught to develop an awareness of the past, and events or changes that have happened to them in their own lifetimes. As they move up the school, the children build on this awareness and start to use appropriate vocabulary to describe these events, and begin thinking about historical events outside of their own lives and lifetimes. This includes asking questions and exploring sources to learn about important people and events throughout history. Towards the end of KS1, the children will be able to use their knowledge to compare aspects of their own lives to the historical eras they have learnt about.

In the Autumn term the school observed Remembrance Day by creating poppy artwork and reading poppy poems and short stories in assembly. Three children from year 2 were chosen to present a poppy wreath on behalf of the school in the New Malden Remembrance Day event, along with representatives from other local schools.

We also had an exciting response to our cards sent in 2018 to Prince Harry and Meghan, to congratulate them on their wedding. The school received a thank you card from the royal couple, which we enjoyed reading in assembly!

Some Reception classes have also enjoyed learning about significant cultural events, and have been voting on which name they think will be chosen for the new royal baby!

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about castles in history. They have learnt about the jobs people would do in castles and the sort of people who might live in a castle. This was linked to DT when Year 1 made their own amazing castle models.

Year 2 have been learning about significant events and people throughout history, including Florence Nightingale and The Great Fire of London.

The children in Year 2 enjoyed bringing these events to life during our exciting history lessons. We created teddy bear hospitals, modelled on the good practice of Florence Nightingale. We also created a miniature version of the Great Fire of London, using cereal boxes which were set on fire in the playground and carefully put out using some of the techniques used in the 1666.

Here are children in Year 2 with their teddy bear hospitals.

Here are some pictures from the Remembrance Day assembly.


Home Learning

Help your child at home by completing the picture news homework. This will encourage your child to think about important cultural events happening in their own lifetime.