Trips and Events

March 2024

Easter Egg Competition

A huge well done to everyone who entered the Easter egg competition! We have loved seeing all the wonderful creations and we are so impressed with the creativity that has gone into every design.  The winners this year are: 

Orange - Hevin
Purple - Eliana
Green - 1st prize Prathesan 2nd prize Akeera
Yellow - 1st prize Ayesha 2nd prize Melita
Blue - 1st prize Donovan & Lina 2nd prize Anjeli, Alexander & Faith

Foxes - 1st prize Lulu 2nd prize Latifah 3rd prize Mina
Hedgehogs - 1st prize Erna 2nd prize Maisie 3rd prize Flo
Rabbits - 1st prize Qinyue 2nd prize Rosie 3rd prize Savannah
Squirrels - 1st prize Robin 2nd prize Salah 3rd prize Amelia

Year 1 
Diamonds - 1st prize Linea 2nd prize Xabier 3rd prize Naty
Emeralds - 1st prize Maysa 2nd prize Reuben 3rd prize Yuvan
Rubies - 1st prize Amelie 2nd prize Belle 3rd prize Ava
Sapphires - 1st prize Teddy 2nd prize Ada 3rd prize Kiriako

Year 2
Jupiter - 1st prize Ava 2nd prize Izzy 3rd prize Stella
Mercury - 1st prize Emma 2nd prize Sunwoo 3rd prize George
Saturn - 1st prize Alicia 2nd prize Leanne 3rd prize Varman
Venus - 1st prize Paulina 2nd prize Rianne 3rd prize Maisie


February 2024

Book Week 2024

The children have had such a fun week taking part in lots of activities for Book Week. There was so much excitement when the junior school children came across to do buddy reading, not to mention dress up day! A huge thank you to parents and carers for their efforts, the children's costumes were amazing! Our staff got in on the fun too! Our mystery book this year was Luna and the Sky Dragon. You can find videos of Mrs Davies reading the story on Tapestry! 

Chinese New Year 2024

The children have been learning all about Lunar/Chinese New Year at school. We were very lucky to have the amazing Earthsong team in school to run an interactive workshop for the children. Storme, Angela and Gill brought along all of their wonderful props and costumes to help the children to learn more about the special New Year festival. The children were excited to play traditional instruments. All of the children participated through music, movement, singing and dance. Some of the children even had an opportunity to wear the spectacular dragon costume! We wonder if the children can remember which one of the twelve zodiac animals is celebrated this year in 2024?


January 2024

Science Day 2024

Friday 12 January marked our annual Science Day and this year's theme was bubbles! Nursery and Reception children investigated how to make different bubbles using a range of bubble wands and tools including straws, whisks, sieves and spoons. The children developed their science vocabulary and made simple predictions. Year 1 investigated the best method to make the most bubbles and compared the amount of bubbles made using different methods such as whisking, mixing with hands and using a spoon. Year 2 tested 5 bubble baths to see which one made the most bubbles. The children learnt how to make the test fair by using the same quantity of bubble mixture, and decided which method to use. The children recorded their results on a block graph. 

Thank you to all the parents who joined us today to take part in science activities including constructing the tallest tower and thank you for your lovely feedback.  A special thank you to all the parents who shared their science related jobs and hobbies.

We loved seeing the children dressed as scientists and wearing science themed tops, and it was great to see our staff taking part too! Thank you everyone for all your support.


November 2023

School Council Meet the King!

What an exciting week it has been for New Malden with King Charles visiting our lovely community! Our lucky school council children went to the high street on Wednesday and got a front row position for when the King arrived! The King was so friendly and seemed happy to chat with the children, asking them whether they preferred maths or English at school! The children were so polite and confident and even made the King laugh! 
Prior to the visit, school council got together to write the King a letter telling him all about our wonderful school and, what they think makes us special. When they finally met the King they handed over the letter and we are really hoping he reads it and maybe even sends a reply. 
We are so proud of the children; they behaved so beautifully and waited for the King with patience and good humour despite the pouring rain. One of the children commented that it was his dream to meet the King and that his dream had come true! It was a wonderful afternoon all round. We feel so proud that King Charles got to see our local community and it’s diverse cultures and that our children were able to be part of the experience. We hope it will be a day they remember for years to come!


July 2023

Pretend Holidays

The children have had so much fun this week going on their pretend holiday. Year 1 & Year 2 travelled to Spain and Italy checking in at the Burlington 'airport' with their hand made passports. Reception jetted off a bit further afield to Jamaica where they arrived into warm and sunny weather ready for the beach! All the children sampled different foods from their destination countries and took part in lots of fun activities. A great day was had by all and we would like to say a big thank you to parents for joining in with encouraging the children's imagination! 


June 2023

Copper Mile 2023 for WWF

This month, our children focused on the work that the WWF does.  We asked everyone to donate their loose change to support the World Wildlife Fund in the work that they do to protect endangered animals and our planet.  

A big thank you to everyone who donated their loose change for our 'Copper Mile 2023' money river. The children came to lay their coins in the playground to create a long river of coins which will then be counted with the help of our Eco council and donated to the World Wildlife Fund. 

Nature is vital. It provides our life-support system, and we cannot survive without it. But our world is now under threat like never before.

See our Copper Mile

Following our recent WWF week, the children voted to adopt a Vaquita Porpoise. Fewer than 20 of these animals remain making them on the edge of extinction. We are so proud of the children for being so thoughtful and really thinking about which animals needed the most protection. 

We raised a total of £156.49 for WWF doing our copper mile. Thank you for all your donations. 


May 2023

Around the World Week 2023

The children have had a brilliant time taking part in Around the World Week. They have been taking part in world music workshops with the fantastic Earthsong as well some really energetic and fabulous dance routines with Don Rae! We hope you managed to make it to one of Don Rae's Wake Up, Shake Up sessions! The children have also been doing some cooking in class, making delicious snacks from around the world - a big thank you to those parents who came in to help. We have ended the week today with a dress up day and it has been wonderful to see the children's beautiful clothes which they showed off in our parade this morning. The staff also got involved!  

King Charles III Coronation Celebrations

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Coronation picnic on Friday afternoon. Despite the rain, it was a great turn out and we hoped you enjoyed it. 

It was lovely to see all the children dressed up and enjoying the days activities. We had so many entries for the wooden spoon competition and were so impressed by the effort everyone made to decorate their spoon. What creative children we have! 

A huge thank you to everyone who made or bought cakes for the cake sale. We received some truly fabulous showstopper bakes from both adults and children. Mrs Rathod who is also one of our school governors was the official judge and she found it very tricky choosing the winners as they were all brilliant!


April 2023

Maths Day 2023

At Burlington we enjoyed our annual Maths Day.  This year we based all our learning around the book Walter’s Wonderful Web, which is about a spider who is desperate to make different shaped webs and has to keep persevering.

Throughout the school we did a variety of maths activities.  In EYFS the children developed their shape knowledge and even made a spider puppet.  All the children made sure the spiders had the correct number of legs.

In Key stage 1 the children had to solve a tricky maths puzzle.  They were given 4 triangles and had to create as many different shapes as they could.  There were special rules the children had to follow so it was harder than it first seemed. 

The KS1 children also learnt about how shapes can feature in Art.  The year 1 children were inspired by looking at famous art work and created their own art by overlapping shapes.  In year 2 the children explored using 3d shapes to create shape pictures.


March 2023

Fudge Day 2023

A big thank you to everyone who came to our Fudge day today and got stuck in with all the activities. We hope you enjoyed it!


October 2022

Multicultural Day

We believe one of the best things about Burlington is the wide range of cultures represented in our children, parents and staff. Did you know that there are 31 different languages spoken amongst the children and their families at our school! We launched our inaugral Multicultural Day this October to celebrate and show off this amazing diversity with a full day of celebrations. The children all looked amazing in their cultural clothes which were shown in a whole school assemnly parade. The children loved sharing their home experiences talking about their families, special celebrations, languages they speak and religions. We tried lots of yummy food from around the world. Thank you so much for all the lovely food and to all the parents that helped.

June 2022

Healthy Living Week 2022

The children have taken part in lots of different activities this week as part of our healthy living week. All year groups enjoyed a big breakfast in the Great Hall as well as doing rugby, athletics, tennis and a session with Don Rae! The children also had their sports day which was so much fun - thank you to all the parents who came to cheer them on! A big thank you also to Mr Smith, Mr Foley, Mrs Feldwick and Mr Bramwell for coaching the sports sessions. All the children really enjoyed the week.



November 2021

Diwali 2021

Our children have been learning more about the Indian festival of Diwali and the story behind it.  Earth Song came in to do a special Diwali workshop with Year 1 and Year 2, involving a puppet show and Indian drums.  The children really enjoyed it and later on Friday they were able to do rangoli colouring.


October 2021

Year 2 Trip to London Wetland Centre

Our Year 2 children had a lovely day yesterday at the London Wetland Centre. They spotted lots of different species of bird as well as other wildlife to complement the learning they have been doing in class this half term. The children and staff had a great time and we were so proud to hear that the organisers at the centre had commented on what a delight our children were and that we were one of the best school groups they have had visiting the centre. Well done Year 2!


September 2020

Time Capsule Project

The children have taken part in a whole school project to reflect on their collective positive experiences of lockdown. Each child has recorded a positive memory and/or experience of something that they did with their family over the lockdown period. Each class produced a booklet of special experiences, with these being carefully rolled and placed inside a time capsule. The capsule was then sealed and buried outside the Year 2 classrooms. This area was chosen as the majority of the children pass by at some time through the course of the day.

The recorded memories included ​cooking meals together, playing games with their brothers and sisters, going for lovely walks, climbing trees, playing football, playing in the garden and eating ice-cream! A special memory for some children was having lots of hugs with their mummies and daddies and celebrating birthdays.


November 2019

Remembrance Day

The children have been very busy this week doing some amazing artwork on the theme of Remembrance Day. Today, we gave a special assembly to explain to the children why we remember this very important day. A big thank you for all your donations for the Poppy Appeal.


October 2019

Harvest Festival

A very big thank you for all the generous donations for our harvest festival. We have delivered everything to the Kingston Foodbank. Thank you also to the parents who came in to help us pack up the food and drive it to the foodbank. 

Year 2 DT Day

Year 2 had a really fun and successful DT day on Tuesday 15 October. The children learnt many new skills, including sawing and hammering which helped them to build their bug hotels. Many thanks to the parents who helped out in class and for all the resources provided.