Your Child's Wellbeing

At Burlington Infant and Nursery School we make every effort to meet the wellbeing needs of our children and families. 


Transition to new school or class

As September approaches, children and parents will start to think about the upcoming changes of joining a new school, or moving to a new class as they progress through Infants.  These transitions may pass smoothly or they may cause children to ask questions and feel a little apprehensive. 

Here are some useful documents to help you prepare for the transition, whether your child is joining our Nursery, starting in Reception or moving up to a new year's classroom:

Introduction to Nursery for new parents starting in September 2019

Introduction to Nursery for New Parents

Introduction to Reception for new parents starting in September 2019

Introduction to Reception for New Parents

Information sheets for Nursery and Reception new starters:

Getting the most out of School

Speaking and Listening

Information sheets for any child going through transitions, at school or otherwise, as well as new starters:

Preparing for Change at School

Your Child's Wellbeing


Information sheets to help you with your child's physical wellbeing and health

Healthy Eating

Portion Sizes

Daily Fluid Intake

Common Childhood Illnesses


Night Time Wetting



Washing your Hands

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from illnesses such as food poisoning and flu. The NHS have created a helpful video to show children how to wash their hands. 

Video on How to Wash Your Hands


NHS Information

If parents would like advice on how to manage a minor illness such as diarrhoea and vomiting, they can consult a pharmacist. For urgent but non-life-threatening medical conditions, parents can contact NHS 111, either online for children over five years old and via phone for those under five.


Information sheets to help you with your child's emotional and mental wellbeing

Encouraging Good Behaviour

Praise and Reward

Self Worth

Emotional Wellbeing


Parenting and family relationships

Evidence shows that there is a close association between childhood wellbeing and positive family relationships and for this reason we offer ten week, Family Links parenting courses to our families. These are run by our Inclusion Leader and Family Outreach Worker who are then available, on site, to support our families in moving forwards.

Please have a look at our Positive Parenting page where our Family Outreach Worker shares some parenting tips.

Positive Parenting