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Following feedback from parents, we have decided to go back to the old format of booking after school clubs. This half term we used the booking option on School Gateway which was on a first come first serve basis. Lots of parents commented that going forward this may not give the majority of children a chance of getting a place on a club. Therefore for next term we will be asking parents to email their choice of club along with a second and third choice as back up. We will allocate spaces manually for the more popular clubs to give children who did not previously get a place a chance to take part. 

Parents asked if Yellow and Purple (afternoon) Nurseries could stay open on Parent Consultation Days: Next year this will happen as we are changing the way we feed back to parents in the Nursery. Every week we will have 'spotlight' children who we focus on observing. The following week their Key worker will meet with the parents to discuss how they are doing in the Nursery.

Parents asked if they could have more information about what the weekly routine is in Nursery and to have more information about what the Out and About session involves: A Newsletter will shortly be sent to parents of children starting Nursery next year explaining the weekly routine and where we go for Out and About sessions (within the school). Next year, a summary of the Nursery planning and focus for the week ahead will be posted on Tapestry.

Following parent feedback, we would like to remind parents of the various ways in which they can stay in touch with what their child is learning at school.

  • Notices on classroom doors showing the key learning focuses for that week
  • Half-termly year group newsletters about what your children are learning that half-term, and how you can support them at home (Year 1 and 2 only)
  • For children in Nursery and Reception, parents have on-going access to Tapestry which enables parents to get regular updates on their child’s learning  
  • Parent workshops frequently held for each year group on various learning topics and the teaching methods we use – e.g. phonics, maths, reading, writing
  • Daily access to your child’s class teacher at the class door – please make an appointment to see them if you want a longer meeting, but teachers have time to talk with parents at the end of the day
  • ‘Soft start’ for Nursery children – 15 mins at the start of each session for parents to speak to their child’s keyworker
  • Parents invited in every Friday morning for reading morning (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 autumn term); many teachers use this as an opportunity to share what the children will be learning in the coming week
  • Updates on the school website and weekly Friday e-newsletter about what the children have been learning, focusing on special workshops, visitors and themed weeks.


Your Feedback

Thank you to all our parents for your comments and feedback. Please find a selection below.

Jubilee Picnic May 2022

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for such a lovely Jubilee Picnic on Friday! It was so nice to see everyone out and having fun again... Lots of the parents were saying the same thing, so I just wanted to make sure that the feedback reached you. We were really appreciative that the school did something lovely to mark the occasion, and gave the children such a nice end to the term.  It really is such a lovely and supportive school - long may she reign!

Feedback from Lockdown #3 and School Closure Jan-Feb 2021

As this half-term draws to a close we wanted to again just drop a line to you and all the staff team at Burlington to thank you for your tremendous hard work and the passionate way you have all continually sought to educate and encourage the children over these past few months at such a challenging time for all.

We have been continually impressed by the unfailingly cheery, welcoming and positive attitude amongst all the various staff we have encountered – most impressive given that they will doubtless have had plenty of “balls of their own to juggle”, both practically and emotionally.
I just wanted to say, I can’t imagine how stressful this situation is for all school staff, especially not knowing what’s happening one week to the next and having to plan and prepare for each situation. I think Burlington is doing really well all through this pandemic and as a parent I feel supported. I think all the staff at Burlington have done amazingly.
I can't fault Burlington at all for their home schooling provision, it has been excellent. The quality of teaching, work set, guidance for parents a fabulous, engaging dialogue from the teachers and teaching assistants has been superb. The school has also been reactive, listening to feedback and changing things accordingly.
The speed and quality with which everything was set up is amazing. You have all done a brilliant job! And also trying to cater to the needs of such varying groups of families must be nigh on impossible; it's been managed very well.
You’ve managed to maintain the school community spirit. Celebrating the children’s learning through assemblies is a lovely way to recognise their efforts during what continues to be a trying time.

Teaching and Learning

Thank you for keeping good work and teaching at this school.
We are very impressed by Burlington's ability to encourage academic achievement in a happy and nurturing environment.
Best wishes and thank you to you and all your fantastic team of staff for all that they do to make learning at Burlington both so pleasurable and so productive for the children.
We were very pleased to discuss our daughter's progress at the nursery with the teacher at our parents meeting. The teacher is clearly very experienced and her abilities of teaching and skills are really impresive. Our daughter has made very good progress at nursery and we are really happy and thankful and we want to use this opportunity as well to thank the nursery teacher for all of her help and dedication. Thank you!

Parents who attended the Year 2 DT Day:

Lovely follow on from the Wetland Centre trip and nice that the children can learn new skills. Great for parents to get involved and see what the children are learning in class.
Great opportunity for the children to learn new skills and be active with it. Lovely opportunity for parents to come into school and see what the children are doing.

Parents who have attended FUDGE morning

The children were interacting so well with each other and teachers, it was amazing to see.
I enjoyed the mathematical side of net building, the history and the art – love a cross curricular activity!
It was great to let my Y2 child join us in Reception

SEND and Inclusion

Thank you for helping my child this year. I felt that the school was really helpful and supportive and he has really benefited from the interventions that were put in place this year. Thank you to the Deputy Headteacher and the support staff for all of your hard work this year. Excellent communication.
Here are some of the things that you really do well:
-Excellent communication!
-Really good advice and steps that could be taken at home to support my child
-Excellent relationships between my child and all of his teachers
-Very good monitoring of my child’s progress and timely interventions put in place when concerns arose
Thank you for listening to my concerns.
My child has progressed so much at Burlington and this is due to the staff understanding his way of thinking, and supporting him through tricky days, as well as acknowledging all of his achievements. He is doing better than I ever could have expected in all areas-socially he is improving. He is learning well and as always, I am so grateful for the lunchtime support. Thank you.
Extremely happy with the progress that my child has made; Staff have been excellent at supporting her and have gone above and beyond expectation. The fact that one staff memeber remained with the class from one year to the next was key. My child speaks so highly of her and will miss her considerably. She has got to know my child and really knows what makes her tick. The knock on effect of this stability has been profound.
I cannot praise SEN support my child gets enough. She struggles with transition, communication, anxiety and emotional regulation; this has all been looked at and continually supported. What a difference the Deputy Headteacher, Class teacher and all that have been involved with her have made to her being able to access learning. From very early on with us working together, my child’s triggers were identified and her signs of anxiety picked up on. The Class teacher focused on helping my child deal with and process that, found motivators to get her interested and trying new and challenging things. You all have an incredible passion for teaching and this shows in abundance in the support and care shown, constant communication, ideas, structures, planners and mini support classes. The open door approach is so relaxing and just knowing that you will be listened to lighten the load enormously. Thank you all! You really do a make a difference to our journey.

Parents who have attended the Parenting course

Taking part on the parenting course has absolutely changed my whole life to the positive. I can’t thank the course leaders enough, for doing such an amazing work. You have changed my children’s life for good. Now I feel like I can be the parent that I wanted to be but didn’t know how to do it.  Like the course leader said, no one has a baby and thinks right, I’m going to spend the next 20 years being stressed out. That’s where I was heading. 
Before I signed up for the course, I was doubtful. I thought that my kids behaviour was so bad and found it so difficult to cope, that I thought maybe nothing can help me. Maybe I’m just a bad parent and I shouldn’t have had kids at all. On the first session, I remember thinking that my biggest fear is that things will carry on the way they are now, and my kids will grow up resenting me. I didn’t feel like I’m doing a good job being a parent.
During the course while we were self reflecting, I realised that the problem wasn’t my kids behaviour, but the problem was me. I was stressed out, tense and tired.  Once I saw that, I started making small changes. I started sleeping more, exercising regularly, seeing my friends more. I started to feel happier with myself, and this had a massive effect on my children. I had more energy and patience for them, and felt calmer with myself. Around week 7, I suddenly had the thought that “I’m actually happy now.” That was a beautiful moment. I realised that I am actually doing a great job with the kids- it just got a bit too overwhelming at some point and I missed out in seeing the positive. Now I can confidently say, that I am a good parent, and my children are amazing. I’m enjoying spending time with them in a way that I had forgotten how to do.
People around me have noticed a change in me, but find it hard to pinpoint what has changed. My husband said that I’m opening up more and sharing my thoughts. Our communication has definitely gotten better. My friend asked if I’ve lost weight, (I haven’t), because I looked so radiant. I think that’s just the happiness shining through. This doesn’t apply on Monday mornings though so don’t be surprised if you see me then!
The course offered many useful tools in dealing with the kids behaviour. They can be a bit wild at times, but now we have connected in a way that I know I can get them to listen to me and to respond in a positive way. Instead of dreading the summer holidays, I’m now looking forward to having a fun holiday together. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I am amazed on how wonderful the school is, and appreciate all the hard work you do. 
When I signed up for the course I often felt frustrated and at a loss as to how to handle certain types of behaviour from my children. The course has given me plenty of top tools and tips to use and using them has already had an impact. Putting aside the time to attend the course also gave me the time and space to think about how I was parenting and what I could do differently. The group meetings were very supportive and it was comforting to know that parents had had similar struggles. I now feel calmer and more confident in my parenting abilities.
I have gone from a very stressed place to having the confidence in myself to know I’m doing a good job as a mum, and while I’m not perfect, I am doing my best. The course has given me lots of new strategies and everyone has been so helpful, supportive and fun! It has really cheered me up as I felt a bit of a failure at the beginning. Now I know that I’m far from that!


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